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An Introduction To Model Trains
Getting Started
Entertainment for the Entire Family
What is Scale, Gauge and Standards
Building Benchwork
Laying Tracks
Locomotives and Rolling Stock
Scenery and Structures
Weathering and Finishing Touches

The Evolution of a Model Railroader

Toddler Stage pulling a wooden train
Thomas the Tank Engine
Books on "The Little Engine That Could" and "Casey Jones"
First Lionel or American Flyer Trainset
Trainset under the Christmas Tree
Scenery with cotton snow and miniature villages

This book has been written to introduce you to the next level of this evolution process: the building of a model train layout. It starts with the basic question of who the layout is being built for. Many fathers say the trains are for the kids, but, in reality, they are using the children as the reason for the model train project. In reality, it can be hobby for the entire family.

To build a complete train layout you need to start with carpentry to build the platform. Hopefully, before you start the table you have made a decision on how the tracks will be laid out. Once you get going, you will need to learn about tracks and wiring, building scenery, adding 'people' and other details which sets your layout apart from others.

If your plans call for an elaborate layou, building a layout and operating trains can be very expensive. The author of  "Heritage Model Trains" provides you with numerous hints on where to save money. It is expensive to re-start a layout once you build a platform. Many of us have experienced this problem.

Likewise you should plan your locomotive and rolling stock purchases carefully. Train cars modeled after modern railroads may not run well on a small radius track layout. When wiring your track, are you going to use the old standard of DC or are you planning on using Digital Command Control (DCC). Sometimes switching from DC to DCC can be another expense that you can avoid by properly planning ahead.

The author of Heritage Model Trains has been an avid model railroader for over 40 years and has attempted to cover most of the pitfalls of the hobby. The book includes numerous photos of model railroad layouts, locomotives, rolling stock, and scenery. These photos have been selected in an attempt to whet your appetite to get started with your own railroad empire.

This book also contains a link to a source of videos explicitly directed at various aspects of the hobby.

Heritage Model Trains goes a long way towards getting you started. It should also help you to avoid those costly money burning mistakes many of us have encountered.

All Aboard!

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