Sinusitis Treatment – Old Fashioned Remedies


For generations mankind has been looking for ways to relieve their sinus problems. Before modern medications, these remedies involved common ingredients found around the home or grown on the farm. While today we can turn to modern medicine for sinusitis treatment, it seems some of the lesser known, old fashioned remedies might still carry a bit of weight when it comes to fighting congested sinuses.


Steam DecongestantOne such old-folks remedy involved the use of cayenne pepper. They would put one teaspoon of cayenne into a cup of hot water and drink three cups a day. Other people would swear by the use of eucalyptus as a home remedy. Inhaling a mixture of boiled water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil while covering their head with a large towel or cloth, would immediately clear the sinus passages. They would inhale the steam for ten minutes.


Another remedy includes using salt mixed with water as a nasal inhaler. And for generations the herb thyme was used for respiratory infections because of its strong antiseptic properties. Moms would steep 1 to 2 teaspoons of thyme in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes to make a tea, and drink this three times a day. Thyme is a natural drying herb for the body.


While some individuals still turn to these home remedies to relieve their sinusitis problems, others choose modern medicine to do all of the work. Natural home remedies may relieve symptoms but they will not clear up a bacteria-based infection that might be present within the sinus cavities. If symptoms do not improve within 10-14 days, the cause of sinusitis is likely to be bacterial. So you finally drag yourself to a doctor – good.


Over-the-counter and prescription decongestant nose drops and sprays, however, should not be used for more than a few days. When used for longer periods, these drugs can lead to even more congestion and swelling of the nasal passages.


Old fashioned remedies cannot take the place of a temporary prescription to clear up a bacterial-based infection, but knowing full well that your sinusitis problems will once again make their presence known, start out your treatment with your own old fashioned remedies; most of the time, they work.


Esther Smith, author

Smith grew up with old fashioned treatments of childhood sicknesses, and carried it to her own rearing of children. These are treatments you can rely on most of the time, and save those doctor visits for more serious ailments. We have further information on sinusitis here: