Black Mold Sinusitis – Hard to Diagnose


Letter from Sara: Three years ago we bought a house. Moving here from another state we didn’t know much about our new surroundings and trusted our realtor. Bottom line: three years and payments on $106,000 home later… we had to walk away because of black mold.


We had a baby born premature, and after a difficult pregnancy I now wonder if it was partly due to my breathing the black mold… but no one knows for certain, they kept saying results were not positive. Our baby’s problems were everything from labored breathing to throwing up blood and blood in his stool. We were told the mold was making him sick. I had little sleep during those days.


When we pulled our furniture away from the wall we found black mold on toys, clothes in the closets and on the shelves where we stored food stuffs. We are renting now and black mold won this war. We lost everything, but when you have to choose between life and a home you can’t live in – it wasn’t that hard.

                                                                             Sara K - Burlington, N.C.



Toxic black mold can cause chronic sinusitis that has been dubbed black mold sinusitis.  This is a difficult ailment to get rid of. What happens is that chronic inhalation of mold spores causes allergic reactions that cause the tissues in the nose and sinus openings to swell. When this happens any mucus present in the sinus cavity cannot drain and lies stagnant. Eventually it becomes infected, thus a sinusitis infection.


Mold remedies act by pulling toxins from the intestinal tract and eliminating them through the stool. It is a slow process that can take months to complete. One of the best black mold remedies is brown seaweed. This has been used for centuries for toxin removal from the body. The alginates in seaweeds have been known for many years to be toxin binding substances.


Even later with a lot of the symptoms gone, there may still be some lingering anxiety and shaky feelings. Some patients continue to take a ‘maintenance’ amount of brown seaweed every day just to feel healthy – they believe it continues to detoxify the body of the mold toxins as well as other toxins encountered daily.


Sara and her young child are now over her awful ordeal, but please take her story as a warning when you see the first signs of black mold anywhere in your home. Ignoring this can be dangerous.



Esther Smith, author

Smith herself had a black mold problem when her condo was flooded from an upstairs tenant’s accident. A year later black mold began to invade her furniture and one section of her living room wall. For more on this subject go to: