Chronic Sinusitis Treatment –
Get Your Life Back

 If you were searching for a cure for chronic sinusitis, our research is going to fail you because currently, there isn’t any chronic sinusitis treatment that can get rid of it forever. But the common solution provided by doctors is just to relieve your discomfort by using antibiotics or nasal spray. And, knowing full well what you are going through, any suggestion is welcome.


Nasal congestion, headaches, persistent cough and facial pain – we have home remedies with no side effects that can help that. But if your sinusitis has been with you for more than a month, you very well may need an antibiotic which your doctor must prescribe.


If however, you are in the early stages and need relief of the sinus problems you are already familiar with there’s no harm at all in trying to get your life back.


Some examples are to drink more water and a good vitamin C from orange juice with high pulp, as the water will hydrate your body and decrease the blockage in your sinuses. The vitamin C is very effective in increasing your body’s immune system especially on bacterial attacks.


You might be surprised to learn Chinese medicine practitioners often use acupuncture, Chinese or Western herbs, sinus washes/steams, and massages as basic treatment. I personally have found acupuncture to work wonders immediately for clearing the sinuses and relieving pain. Nutrition of course, including diet and nutritional supplements, are also a major part of chronic sinusitis treatment plan for anyone.


The more you deal with sinus problems, the easier it is to recognize when the symptoms are beginning and take immediate steps to lessen its effect on your life. Until someone comes up with a magic cure, that’s all we, as sinusitis sufferers can do.


Esther Smith, author

Dealing with sinus infections all of her life, Smith has her immune system at peak performance and avoids most of the discomfort of these ailments. Learn more about sinusitis here: