Give Me a White Rose:
One More Time


Roses have been able to say many secret messages without ever speaking a single word. They stand for purity, innocence and peace. They communicate love that is spiritual and soulful.


When I began to seriously study roses many years ago, I learned the rose was meant to symbolize deep feelings of love and pure emotions. And further, white roses have meant confidentiality and given the Latin phrase sub rosa: spoken in secret. It was through this fascinating history that I came to adore the white rose and a secret that had been shared with me.


The Myth of the White Rose:  Legends are plenty of course, but it is said the first rose ever to appear on earth was a white rose. According to Greek mythology, all roses were originally white in color. When Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, was pricked by a thorn of the rose, her blood dripped on the white petals turning them red.


In weddings, white roses stand for a pure relationship formed between the two lovers. This bridal white bouquet was started in 1840 at the wedding of Queen Victoria. The meaning of white roses in society stands for the clean and untainted reputation of a lady. When a young female child died prematurely in Ancient Rome, white rose bushes were planted at her grave site, symbolizing the spiritual union of the departed soul and God in heaven.


The Pope in 16th century declared the carvings of a rose in confession booths meant confidentially and privacy… any secret spoken there was safe. When one gifts a bouquet of white roses it means ‘a new beginning’ but a white rosebud symbolizes in girlhood that one is too young for love.


The rose in general, has a rich history of flower meanings more than any other flower can ever claim. Small wonder then, on rare occasions – in my dream state a vague figure approaches holding a white rose, one more time.


Esther B. Smith

A rose is meant to symbolize deep feelings of love and pure emotions. Why wouldn't the white rose mean purity; as in a bridal bouquet, or a special secret.