Roses in Art:
Heal, Nourish and Indulge

As an artist as well as a writer, I can say without a doubt that there are many misconceptions about art. In my search for a rose artist, I found Gina De Gorna. Her art techniques, styles and paintings of roses in oil were the subjects I found exceptional. Whether painting a single rose or a bouquet of roses, she captures in vivid detail this beautiful flower.

Not all of us have a sense of color or even proportion - but everyone can learn how to 'use' them. Artist's greatest secret is that they paint with emotions - they do not think of what the objects are but what shapes and colors they see. There are no two roses exactly alike, and if you study the old Masters you will find many interpretations of our rose.

But for the lack of confidence in one's ability to reproduce various shapes or forms say of a rose, ordinary people might overcome the biggest obstacle a person has to ever draw, paint or sculpt one. Gina paints in oil, acrylic and a variety of limited edition Giclee reproductions, cards and prints.

Much has been said about the 'balance of an artwork not affecting reality' for the purpose of balance and a pleasant composition artists often make their version of reality; this may mean your version of that rose garden, or single rose. They do not copy exactly everything they see from a photo or nature. They freely change, omit or add elements of a scene, shapes, colors or interesting textures. This is called "artist's license", and please, do it.

If you are a rose lover, you may want to have a few pieces of rose art in your home. Perhaps as you hold a lovely rose in your hand, you might be tempted to capture its beauty on paper or canvas yourself. You have nothing to lose and a huge sense of accomplishment if you win. Indulge!


Esther B. Smith, author
Not all of us have a sense of color or even proportion... But everyone can learn how to use them. We would like to show you how in this article on roses in art.