Rose Tree Garden:
The Affect is Incomparable

Spotting a magnificent rose tree at a wedding always takes my breath away. Totally impressed with someone's hobby that has been carried to this superb example, I have learned that these elegant hybrids are created by grafting parts of three independent rose plants, resulting in a miniature tree about 4' tall and crowned with a canopy of white or red roses.

Magnificent indeed!

They are the artwork of the most ambitious of all rose hobbyists, and have been adding beauty and grace to public and private rose gardens, estates, cathedrals, and castles everywhere in the world for centuries. How do they do this?

When designing your rose tree garden, look at the different types of rose trees to find out the ones that will work best in your soil and sunlight. You must count on at least 2.5 inches of water per week for each plant, unlike the lesser amount for small roses and rose bushes. Plant them six feet apart for best result.

Decide how much time you want to invest into this hobby. Starting off with a few trees that take less time to care for, and you may want to expand and add more rose trees later. Many will tell you that a rose tree garden will cause any experienced gardener to feel challenged.

Horticulturists graft a rose tree using three separate rose plants. The delicate stem is extracted from a single rose plant, the root structure is grafted to the base of the trunk, and the canopy of roses is grafted to the top. Artisans choose to graft only one color rose, but that is a personal decision. Stake each tree for support to maintain balance.

Pruning and deadheading is very important - the pruner can choose the shape and style of the rose canopy as they trim. The floral top gets all the pruning attention. Rose trees should be covered during harsh winter weather to avoid injury; burlap works well and allows air to circulate.

Imagine, if you will, an elegant row of these amazing creations perhaps in a semi-circle or along a path to a focal water display... all of your own design and creation. Like any undertaking worth doing well, setting up your own rose tree garden is as rewarding as it gets.

Esther B. Smith, author
One of my favorites -- rose trees. It must be the artist in me -- they seem so well designed and cared for; ambitious for any grower who owns one.