Design Your Own Rose Garden – The Easy Way


With a bit of planning you can do this! It’s no more complicated than planning your living room or bedroom. Applying the same principles we will design your flower garden of roses. There are many “companion” plants for roses, all of which compliment roses and offer a pleasing combination.


Each room in your home has a focal point and we will have one here. To create this, use a larger very spectacular rose as your focal point and we will build all your color, size and shapes around this special specimen. As with interior decorating, limit yourself to 3 or 4 colors in one garden bed or display. Shapes and textures will count as we put these color combinations around your focal-rose plant.


You might choose a border of bleeding hearts (in back), red tulips (in front) and a ground cover rose of pink or white. Incorporating other plant varieties that compliment and help enhance the beauty of your roses is the same idea used for a coverlet on your new bed or the drapes that will compliment the coverlet.


Whether you have a formal garden or the informal cottage type garden arrangement, you will find that creative companion flowers for roses will add a lot of interest and make the whole scene one of awesome beauty.


My favorite flowers to plant with roses are: Clematis, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Lupins, Licorice Plant, Hardy Geraniums, Self-Seeding Violas, Deadnettles, Lady’s Mantle, Cosmos, Santolinas, Lavenders, Spring Bulbs, Catmint, Peony, Campanula, Penstemon, and Chrysanthemums. All of these work in a well-planned garden, but only choose 3 or 4 for their color, texture and size. I’m sure you can add even more to this list.


I planted Graham Thomas rose; a beautiful yellow rose with blue Campanulas growing under and through the branches of the rose plant. The combination is striking. Plan to make your roses your focal point by using larger ones in the back of the garden and their complimentary plant in, under, or next to it. This adds contrast and color as well as perhaps hiding lower bare stems of roses.


A super contrast is plants with gray foliage; they make the rose blooms really stand out. French lavender and several herbs such as thyme attract beneficial insects, so be sure to consider some of these in planning your rose garden.


Clematis and climbing roses make an awesome marriage. Choose clematis with a color that compliments the color of your chosen rose. For example, a medium pink rose looks fabulous with a blue clematis, or a red rose and a white clematis intertwined as climbers is stunning. Think of colors that generally go together – design your rose garden like choosing drapes for your new bedroom. Color and texture are important in both places.


Designing your rose garden should be fun. By creating a beautiful rose garden you began with your focal point roses and designed complimentary ‘companion’ choices to enhance its beauty; an easy solution to something that will reward you for years to come.


Esther B. Smith, author

Seems like a task best left for later but I found this a lot easier than I thought it would be and I'm glad I did. .