Miniature Roses


Are these miniature roses delicate and do they have to be pampered? The answer is “absolutely not. Mini roses are tough and easy to grow. They are profuse blooming and more winter hardy, in the ground, than hybrid tea roses”.


Many readers would like to grow miniature roses as a house plant, but become disappointed when winter arrives and heat is turned on in the home. Mini roses thrive outdoors and work exceptionally well as a border.


Miniature roses are true roses but bred to stay small in size. Most also have smaller flowers than standard rose bushes, but come in a variety of types and colors. Despite their small size, they are extremely hardy. In fact they are more winter hardy than most tea roses and tend to be profuse repeat bloomers.


Apricot Twist is one of my favorite mini roses. It has a wonderful color of warm yellow, apricot, and a brownish buff at times. I have noticed a sweet scent on these blooms, but not always. Its fragrance seems to vary according to climate conditions. This is a newer rose, and I place it high on my list of choice varieties for folks who collect minis.


In 1993 the All-American Rose Selection was ‘Child’s Play’, and won an award for excellence. It blooms abundantly in white with soft pink edges and is a very carefree grower with great disease resistance.


The original miniature rose is still in existence. Rosa Roulette was discovered growing in a window box in Switzerland in 1919. Anything earlier is unknown.


A hanging basket of miniature roses has a spreading growth habit with canes that drape over the edge of the pot. They make a wonderful hanging basket and provide great color and interest. Unlike fuchsias and geraniums they will last for years with proper care. These are my favorites.


Recently, miniature roses have become the biggest seller in the roses market. While I cannot verify this statistic, it is quoted that miniatures outsell all other roses four-to-one!



Esther B. Smith, author

Those darling little gems, miniature roses; delicate to look at and tough as nails by nature. Roses never cease to amaze. .