Knock-Out Roses – True Flower Power


Today’s Knock Out family of roses has ushered in a bright new day in gardening. The disease-free genetics in these plants have helped to re-establish the roses’ rightful place in the American landscape. It is everything I thought it would be and more. My knock-out roses bloom continuously with a wonderful bright, almost iridescent color.


This is one of the few roses that lives up to what people claim; wall to wall color and even flowering into December. Small wonder it’s a favorite to so many gardeners.


Knock Outs are a show stopper; it holds foliage beautifully and is drought tolerant and disease resistant. You will never have to fertilize these rose bushes. People often comment on the outstanding green foliage as a backdrop to the outrageous cherry red blossoms.


These can grow fairly large in some parts of the country if not pruned. Periodic trims will keep them maintained at a smaller size; on average 3-4’ tall. A once-a-year cut to about 12-18” in early spring is also recommended for maximum performance.


All Knock Out roses need at least 5-6 hours of full sun every day. They can tolerate some shade but it is not recommended. The more sun there is, the more they will thrive and produce flowers.


And did we mention – no deadheading required? With so many superlatives, how could you not have Knock Out roses gracing your front entrance or dividing your property line? They are now available in white, pink, several reds – and now the new, beautiful yellow rose. I have found many wholesale prices online, shipped in 2 gal containers – you win all around!


Esther B. Smith, author
Flower-power indeed -- these roses grace several of my neighbors front lawns and they never look anything but robust. Sun lovers all, they flourish in dry weather or rain.