Ground Cover Roses:
Who Knew?

 Often referred to as the “Wonder Rose” – the Carpet Roses are some of the most popular roses because of their long flowering period, easy care and exceptional disease resistance as well as drought tolerance. A two or three year old plant can produce up to 1000 blooms or more per bush on top of the rich glossy green foliage. Could anyone ask for more?


Carpet Roses grow in full sun to half shade; no other roses perform as well. They readily thrive in US Zones 5 to 10. Protect with mulch over the crown during the first winter, and in zones 5 and below, continued winter protection is advised.


For hot and humid areas, 15 years of extra breeding brings us the next generation of Flower Carpet roses, with improved heat and humidity tolerance as well as disease resistance. The new 2009/2010 AMBER, or the 2008 PINK SUPREME, or the 2007 SCARLET – all of these flower carpet tops other roses and shrubs in extreme weather.


Flower Carpet ground cover roses have a two tier root system, fibrous roots near the surface to use available water and a deeper root system that allows it to flourish during drier periods. Here are some key features:



In addition to the overwhelming majority of respondents reporting Flower Carpet’s better performance compared with other roses, shrubs and perennials, 82% also reported no pest problems and 80% said they would recommend all three colors in Flower Carpet’s Next Generation series to their friends.


No rose truly behaves like a groundcover, of course, so it won’t choke out weeks or form dense mats as would ivy, vinca or pachysandra. Plant groundcover roses where you want low-growing splashes of color – as with beds of annuals – or a low shrubby border to accent a path, a highlight for the front of a bed, a swath of bloom to cover a gentle slope, or an accent plant to flow from a container.


Jackie Wilcox of So Dakota summed it up: “They’re easy to take care of, they look great and they establish themselves very fast for the most part.” That says it all for the many superlatives of ground cover roses, but I might add that I’m partial to the Scarlet; the color against the dark, shiny green leaves is awesome.


Esther B. Smith, author

So happy to learn that there is a ground cover rose named Flower Carpet . It was exactly what was missing from my garden. .