Elegant Dried Rose’s Potpourri


For a touch of aromatherapy romance, let’s dry those lovely roses just as they start to wilt in your rose garden. This is a beautiful way to perfume your home with the scent of rose essential oil. Once you see how simple this task is, you will begin to make special occasion gifts for your family or friends.


When your roses are just beginning to wilt, remove them from the water in their vase, or from the rose plantings in your garden. These lovely specimens will live forever when you give them a new life. Turn them upside down, carefully putting the flower end of the roses into a paper bag. Don’t let the flowers touch the bottom of the bag. Grab the bag at the top, stems intact, and wrap them tightly with a string. Hang the bag in your closet or some other out-of-the-way place. This will secure the roses in a dry, protected place as they hang upside down. Let them dry for a week.


Gently remove the roses from the bag. Take each dried flower and carefully snap it off from its stem. Place each rose blossom right side up in a container of sand, one right next to the other. The roses will remain mostly intact but some will come apart which is okay.


Now put several drops of aromatherapy essential oil of rose on each dried rose. This is natural oil and smells heavenly. Every week, refresh the scent by putting on another few drops.  After the roses have been removed from the sand, arrange them in a gift box or dish. Tie a silk ribbon around the container.


I have given this gift many times and donated elegant dried rose’s potpourri for my church’s White Elephant Sales. Red or saffron colors are the best choices. White or pink roses will turn brown as they dry, and yellow petals may also turn an unattractive color. As a result, these sorts are best suited to wet potpourris in which the petals are hidden from view.

Esther B Smith, author

It's used for romance settings or to perfume your home with the lovely scent of roses --- of course we are talking about Potpourri made from your wilted rose petals. http://heritagerosegardening.com