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I’ve been called “fiercely independent” and that’s a good thing. It keeps me focused and productive. My education never stops; there’s always something new to learn. I know people want to be successful; they just need a door to open. The Internet is that door. But yes, it’s full of hype and empty promises. By joining a ‘team’ I have duplicated their success and will show anyone ready to dig in and set the pieces in place their own residual lifestyle. It's the only way to go.

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Your Perfect Commission Structure

SellingIn search of an online business, you are trying to find the best salary and benefits offered by the right company, selling the right product or service. Your perfect commission structure will be found in the plan that works for you. For every sales representative, there is a perfect product and a perfect commission structure. Finding this gem among all the glitter is the trick.

Finding leads that result in sales is a success by itself. But let’s consider the commission structure to see if this effort will be rewarded well enough. Common structures include sales commissions paid on a high salary with low commissions, or being paid based on individual sales. There is also territory sales volume, a share of the profits, and wholesale or net sales.

What product you sell, whom you sell it to, the length of the sales cycle and your experience may dictate the type of commission you are offered. Payment for individual sales is the most common of these as most companies appreciate your direct relationship to the customer. This is because that customer will return to do business with you. Therefore we look for a low base but the highest possible commission.

Companies that sell services like Insurance or Cable TV often pay their salespeople a percentage of the monthly profits. Some are higher than others, but it is still split with the company. If the company offers a discount when competitive pressure demands it, the discount comes directly out of your paycheck. Take that choice off my list.

Some seek a company offering residual commissions for customer that continue to spend. The lure of residuals keep you tied to a company. If you leave, you leave any outstanding, unpaid residuals behind... ahh, but why would anyone leave a company when the profits from past work keeps paying you? Answer: you wouldn’t.

Retailers generally pay based on retail or wholesale sales. A lower percentage commission on  retail sales or a higher percentage on wholesale sales; doing the math they should end up being pretty close. So go for the higher number.

Your perfect commission structure must blend with the product or service you must sell. But joining a company that will be there for you over decades makes a career. Something less will keep you in constant search for the perfect trio: money, product, company. Whatever works for you.

Esther Smith, author

My company is residual sales. My commissions are 100%. My products are an educational suite of audio and video products, and huge discounts on the worlds largest brands like Target, Home Depot, K-Mart, and more. The company is US based, five years old, and debt free.
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3 Pillars of Internet Business
March 10, 2015
A Reblog

So many guidelines have explained the necessity of the 3 pillars of Internet business, yet so few read them and even fewer obey them. If you don’t have a business plan you will fail. Perhaps it is  carelessly cast aside with the attitude that I just wanna make money, or I wanna quit my job and never have a boss again. These are not what is meant by a business plan. What is your goal, how long do you expect it to take and what steps can you list that will get you there?

Another pillar, accountability is overlooked. By accountability we mean an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Will you be following some coaching lessons and are they being graded? Are you disallowed to continue until you successfully pass each step? What it is not is a few pages of instructions and then without any scoring or assurance that you have understood the instructions, you mentally mark it done. Because each business, including an Internet business, are run differently - it is imperative that you become familiar with all the nuances of that business before you begin operating it,

Perhaps one out of a thousand ordinary citizens know and enjoy
selling. I am not one and maybe you aren’t either. But we must know how to sell if we own a business whether it is a product or a service. The only way to make money is to exchange your knowledge, your product, or your know-how for a monetary sum. If you truly love being a business owner but hate sales, then you must hire a professional to do the selling for you.

There you have the essence of business failure online. No bank will accept your application for a business loan without a plan, so what makes someone think they can be successful in business if the  bank would not risk their money? Internet businesses rarely require loans to set up but without a plan, accountability and selling experience 95% fail – and these are the reasons why.

As a person who wants to work from home to make their living you must first follow these 3 pillars of Internet business. Make your plan before you even go in search of, and if necessary study the various strategies of selling. Accountability may have to be on your honor system. In the event of a business cutting you lose after you have paid your entrance, you take it upon yourself to study all the pages of your new website. Study the FAQs, the About Us, do they give a physical address and do test their support system by writing a simple question to them and noting how fast you get a response. Join the 5% successful business owners online, really, it is not rocket science.

Esther Smith, author

Some of the things that peaked my interest in the link above was the auto-pilot setup, the 100% interest payout, and the sponsor-guidance I received (and give) to me as a new member so long ago. These are important when even small investments need to reach breakeven asap.
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Seniors Earning Money Online
March 9, 2015

SeniorsIs there an alternative to “Welcome to WalMart”? Yes, I am only one of many that can prove seniors earning money online is a viable alternative. Surely we don’t believe that we can live on Social Security alone even if we are married and the puny checks are doubled. Our cost of living raises are barely above one percent, while Medicare takes that back and more each month. We have been forced to seek other avenues of income and some of us earn more than a mere “supplement”.

We have, for many years, looked forward to those freedom days of retirement, but freedom to do what? We can’t even afford a pet, fearing the veterinarian expenses that could crash our budget.

The common belief is that finding a job is much easier than starting a business. It soon becomes evident every time you go to any shopping center that most of these jobs are held by minimum wage workers, just over part-time and usually pay you to just get by. But I see seniors employed on these jobs because of their comfort zone as “employee”, so they bag groceries or greet visitors at WalMart.

Of course if you always wanted to travel in your retirement, then you must be more creative. It may take more effort but it is possible. A Google search for best work at home jobs for seniors  shows 60,300,000 searches per month. That’s a lot of seniors looking for extra income. But wait a minute – if single Moms can run a business at home, surely a senior guy or gal can too.

Seniors are more frugal than much of our population who cannot live without the “must-haves”. Choosing to start an online business will take a bit of capital to get it off the ground. But if they choose a program with “residual” or “passive” income instead of selling health juice, their income will increase each month as they run their business. A senior myself, I can say this is the best option but the devil is in the details.

If you are reading this post, you already have what it takes to bring passive income to your bank account every week. It is a lot easier if you follow a model that someone else has proven. I am a successful residual earner and have explained the difference between a job and a residual income in many of my posts.  Seniors earning money online is not a rarity. My husband and I run our business together – I write and advertise, he publishes my writings. We have set this up on auto-pilot and YOU can duplicate this because I will walk you through it.

Esther Smith, author    

Read more of my posts for clarity, or jump right in at and I will contact you by email. In a few weeks you will be earning a few thousand that turns into six figures yearly.

Money, A Different Drug
March 6, 2015

Drugs and MoneyHere we have a life lesson. Money, the other drug is just as addictive as heroin or meth. In abundance it brings you joy in short supply it results in depression and anxiety attacks.

When you are given an allowance as a child you look forward to the day your new fund is doled out. For this small amount of money you are probably expected to perform a given task such as take out the trash, do the dinner dishes or keep your room clean My siblings and I were no exception. If these tasks were not performed satisfactorily, our allowance was denied and that made us depressed and angry.

As the years move along some career goals are achieved and you become more and more addicted to that Friday payday; your reward for working hard all week. When your company is forced to cut back and office gossip speaks of pink-slips, you wonder how could this have happened? You had it made. But in the second wave of cutbacks you lose your job. Eventually your home is sliding away and you are not only depressed but quite frantic.

The sad part is this conditioning will hold you back from any change. How does one respond to questions like “why can’t you find a job?” But it would be more than breaking a habit, it’s breaking an addiction. To find a new job and hope that it does not make you the victim a second time is a fearsome thought; so don’t do it is the answer

Instead, conquer the struggle of who you no longer are, and who you want to become. Learn to fight for and control your security and your freedom from addiction. People do it all the time. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Age, nationality, sex has nothing to do with it. Serious effort and perseverance has everything to do with it. Money is addictive, no one argues that but you can make money flow into your life with every possibility of just increasing over time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money no matter where you are or what you are doing? That money is called residual or recurring income. It’s what can happen after you put a lot of time, effort and some investment into your goal to continue to get paid for your efforts for years after. Money, the other drug will not change but you can. Start making money that will allow you to retire early.   I’ll take that drug any day.

Esther Smith, author

Residual or passive income comes in all flavors by either recruiting new members, selling consumable products (vitamins), or monthly payments on a service (insurance). Therefore, look for those 100% commission deals and climb to success faster.
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Starting Your Online Business
March 5, 2015

BusinessTechnology never sleeps. If you are starting your online business, yesterday’s methods may be outdated while some will always be a ‘given’, so let’s look at today’s recommendations or basic skills. These tools and resources will help take you from preparing your business plan to becoming a successful business owner.

A domain name is the web address of your online business. Choosing and registering a domain name will take you several “tries” to find out if your choice is available. Therefore, give this a lot of thought by writing down some short phrases that you think someone will type into the search engines because they want more information. Simple words are best as many of the people who do business with you years from now are not the best spellers; don’t send them to someone else because of poor or transposed letters. Although this step takes time the cost is minimal. Now let’s plant that title somewhere.

Hosting costs can be as little as 8 or 9 bucks a month but this allows you to give potential clients your domain address; and that’s a good thing. Your hosting company will give you tech support, maintenance, search registration, and more. These vary among many hosting companies. It is important that you choose a reliable and secure host.

Because your domain, now located on your hosting site is the “front door” to your business, you want it easy to navigate and attractive to visitors. Yours can be designed by you or a professional web design firm.

Just as in any business, you will not be successful without customers. Online, 85% of these customers come to you from search engines – thus the importance of using keywords in your domain that people will be search for. Others will come from your marketing efforts. Generating the highest amount of traffic possible on your website will create visitors... and visitors will often become customers. In all the writings on your website use as many keywords as possible to create the highest chance of a sale.

Advertising and marketing on the internet is no different than if you had a store on Main Street. We are required to follow the same federal, state, and local tax laws as regular businesses. If you are operating your online business in a state that charges a sales tax, you may have to apply for a tax permit or otherwise register with your state revenue agency.

Many of my posts have discussed what the best reward businesses online are,  and you can view these below this post. Do this before starting your online business. Your choice is to sell a product over and over for a small percent of the sale, or set your business up to earn you residual income for life with 100% commissions monthly. The choice is yours, and it is the most important choice you will make before starting your online business.

Esther Smith, author

Job or Entrepreneur?
March 4, 2015

Job SearchIf you have ever given entrepreneurship a second thought, now is the time. When considering job or entrepreneur a few visual thoughts surely must come to mind. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey... they all started out with a dream and succeeded. This is the ultimate career in capitalism; making your dream a reality.

But the job of entrepreneur is not for everyone. You need to be a smart, creative, willing to take a risk kind of person. You have to be hard-working and good with people. You need to have heart, motivation and drive. Do you fit this criteria? If so, I guarantee there are more possibilities with this dream than there are jobs that will offer you a decent living. And truthfully, the ability to set up a store on Main Street for yesterday’s entrepreneurs, piled on endless stress as you managed cash flow on the one hand and expansion on the other.

But today we have the Internet. And yes, the web is chock-full of come-ons that promise to make you rich. Learning a “secret” way is their favorite phrase. Personally, I grew so tired of gurus flashing their sports car, 6 bedroom mansion, and yacht tied to the dock in their back yard. This is so phony – but so many think it’s the right bait to hook you. All this for $37 and the secret is yours, only to be convinced after you pay, that “upgrading” for several hundred more will put you in VIP status.

Entrepreneurs know some kind of investment is necessary to get their business off the ground. Nothing today is free; really free. Parting with the last of your loose bucks is risky, but undoubtedly the rewards will make those dollars look puny as you dive into its marketing. Maybe you have to possess that fiery revolutionary-type personality because cubicle-fatigue has finally done you in. This move is going to be your last move. This is going to be for you.

Job or Entrepreneur should be an easy choice when you have drive, creativity and the desire to be your own boss. In recent years, entrepreneurship has been claimed as a major driver of economic growth in both the US and Western Europe. Entrepreneurs naturally go for residual income for life. I would wish you ‘Good Luck’, but luck has nothing to do with it.

Esther Smith, author

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Chasing Money in a Down Economy
March 3, 2015

I knew things were steadily getting worse in America because chasing money in a down economy is next to futile. What I didn’t know and was shocked to read, “....more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless”. This is the first time in our history that this has happened, and I don’t know what excuse anyone would accept as the reason.

Our wonderful country has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas because of high corporate tax rates. The percentage of Americans that are self-employed is at a record low, and the percentage of Americans that are dependent on the government is at a record high.

According to The Economist, the United States was the best place in the world to be born into back in 1988. Today, we are tied for 16th place. That really hurts. We also have 80 different “means-tested welfare programs”. With Medicare facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars we may not even have Medicare much longer.

If you watch the news daily, I have not stated anything you didn’t already know. But if you are reading this post you have at least the basic knowledge of the Internet, not that chasing money is any easier, but at least there is a measure of success if you are persistent.

There are lots of jobs on the Internet because companies have had to outsource some of their tasks until a robot can be designed, built and put in place. I do admit that “jobs people” will always look for another “job”... a job makes them comfortable; each Friday they collect a check and pay their bills. The comfort-zone is no small habit to kick.

Residual opportunities also sprinkle the net and those are the offers entrepreneurs seek. They don’t mind diving in and giving the program 110% for a year because during those 12 months their money grows week by week. In the end, they are so far ahead of the job-oriented employee working from home that it’s a no-brainer. After all, it takes the same amount of effort daily and the rewards are so much higher.

If you have been chasing money in this down economy, you know it is going to get worse before it gets better. Open a link at the bottom of this page and introduce yourself to residual income for life. One day you will wake up to money you earned years ago – still paying your bills but offering you vacation choices as well. ;-)

Esther Smith, author

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Entrepreneurs Choose Residual Income
March 2, 2015

EntrepreneurWhy do entrepreneurs choose residual income? Good question, so let me ask you – if you could choose your ideal business model, what would be most important for you? I would bet like most people, you probably want a business that will help you make lots of money; lots and lots of money.

You might also want a business with low overhead expenses. Tax deductible expenses would be great, and no selling... selling really sucks. Also to be able to work when you feel like it; make money when you are not working; make money while you sleep, be your own boss, and become financially independent.

That’s a tall order, but it is exactly what the entrepreneur wants. At twenty-something most young people don’t think past the dollar value of a job. Sometimes we just get a new perspective on life as we mature. We get a clearer picture about what we don’t want in a career. Priorities change, like now they might want a home on a lake, or maybe even retiring at forty. Yes, it might be time to think about starting your own business online; the exact vision of an entrepreneur.

With the best residual income business model, you can leverage your time and earn residual incomes from multiple residual income streams. Creating a website for this is the best investment model and this can be done quickly and inexpensively today. Investing in your own website does two things: it brands you, your name and your business. And, it lives years and years carrying your promotions 24/7 with everything a potential client needs to know in order to duplicate what you are doing and getting the same results; residual income.

When we work by the hour, we are paid by trading our time for money. If we only get paid for the hours we work, what would happen to our income if we were seriously injured, ill, downsized, or laid off? When income stops, do the bills stop? No, sadly they do not, but that is the life if we trade our time for money. Residual income does not stop if we become ill or need to be hospitalized. It continues because we worked hard setting it all in place to hand us a residual income for the rest of our life.

Entrepreneurs choose residual income because it’s the only sensible way to go. Six figure incomes don’t happen overnite as some will advertise, but if you are going to work for something please – don’t let it be a weekly paycheck.

Esther Smith, author

Below is a link to my residuals. You are invited to copy my footsteps one step at a time. I am a great sponsor and I am part of a super team right here ;-)

Residual Income Grows

Residual IncomeThere are so many advantages of earning a residual income vs working for a traditional paycheck, that I trip over my tongue trying to list them all. But first and foremost, residual income grows. It does not remain stagnant like your weekly paycheck. Raises for residual income happen daily and your paycheck (if you’re lucky) happens once a year. Residuals are money received perhaps for work you did two, three or more years ago.

Buy an income property and you receive rent from that property forever. Compose a song and every time it is sold on tape royalties are paid to you. Sell an insurance policy or set up a hosting website online and a portion of those monthly payments from clients go to your bank account. This is smart money. You did the work one time, you get the rewards without further effort.

We aim for residual income because we want a better lifestyle. Your dream may be to buy a house, car, vacation, or college education – but to me it buys freedom; freedom of my time. My efforts are not geared to the boss’s clock. I work less and earn more. I run my business like a traditional job but it doesn’t consume my life. I have a home office where I spend a few hours each day checking my accounting, talking to new people, and helping others that I consider to be my partners. My lifestyle is pressure free.

At times my residuals may decline with tough economic times. People may be forced to scale back and cancel some of their expenses and I understand that. Still, if you reach breakeven your first week in a new program, why would anyone drop out? Nobody cancels profits.

It is important to have multiple streams of residual income. For my own business, I have worked it out to be just about hands-off. This takes arranging a domino effect; as someone shows interest their information is funneled into an auto-responder that sends them a welcome letter. There are three or four other optional things that can auto-walk them through a setup that offers free time and residual income to me. Adding a domain name perhaps, a hosting company where your domain lives, and a merchant account to take their money and send it to you. Now you have it made; residual money, lots of free time and no boss. That’s freedom.

All of these companies that make your job easier are also your multiple streams of income. They offer affiliate status to everyone and it pays to join. If someone you sponsor wants to duplicate this system, these smaller affiliate commissions add more but smaller residuals, but this is not mandatory.  It just makes good labor and dollar sense.

Lastly, I am not a born salesman so I wasn’t looking to “sell” anything. My business is based on leverage; the work of other, smaller companies. Aline your dominoes and anyone answering your advertisement has droped the first domino and your residual income grows again. Smart money.

Esther Smith

This link is a good beginning if you want to watch residuals at work. We welcome all partners HERE ;-)

Hiring Veterans is Smart Business

VeteranHere’s an idea: Hiring veterans isn’t charity work, nor is it grounded in patriotic duty. Actually, hiring veterans is simply smart business.

Various companies that have hired military veterans offer feedback for such employees as stellar. Roughly 97 percent said military veterans bring a strong sense of responsibility to their work. It has been noted that veterans have strong leadership skills, a high degree of professionalism and strong problem-solving strategies. They rarely need instructions twice and always finish a job. Read More

Job Careers Working at Home
February 25, 2015

Job CareersBeing a stay-at-home parent does not mean never having the job of your dreams? Thanks to improved technologies job careers working from home is a rewarding income while being there for the kids. This is not only possible – it’s highly doable.

So many citizens think of this as a pipe dream to be able to find a professional job that has flexibility, let alone a job where residual income for life was possible. But you may have to change your thinking. Don’t be embarrassed to answer the question “What do you do for a living?” with the quick answer, “I’m self-employed”. This response does not bring a frown, it brings curiosity; they always want to know more. And that “more” is going to benefit you.

You will find that it is even more important as your kids get older. In middle school it seems the events take place right after school – perfect. Because you work from home you are able to watch your son’s little league practice, or pick up your daughter when it’s snowing. When they end up in the nurse’s office, you can drop your job for the brief time it will take to pick them up or take them to the family doctor. These are special things that Childcare does not cover.

It also allowed me to get to know my children’s teachers and what the teaching methods were for both my children’s classes. Lately, as our present administration is rewriting history books,
it is a very important for me to keep in touch with new changes in math, sports or lessons on sexual behaviors. It is very important to me to know what they are learning and how it is taught.

But just as important as these issues is, it has made me a more self-disciplined and motivated person No office politics or distracting water cooler gossip. My job career working from my home office earns me residual income that I could not have imagined a few years ago.

As robots take over the industry’s labor force and tuitions for college double, so many of us have turned to the Internet to seek job careers working from home. But don’t settle for less than the perfect residual income – the six figure job career is what I recommend below.

Esther Smith

They told me it would take 90 days to hit the $8,750/month (or six figure per year) and they were just about right. Let me show you how to duplicate what I do by starting. here

Living Solely on Social Security

Trying to live solely on Social Security during your retirement is a negative to financial planners, but the reality is that it is often the only source of income many seniors have for their golden years. Therefore, to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement, seniors struggle to find ways to live comfortably on Social Security alone – but it takes a lot of planning and budgeting.

Social SecurityForget long vacations and early tee times on the golf course. Your retirement life is destined to be sub-par from your working years – all luxuries and unnecessary expenses will be eliminated, or at best occur rarely.

So many seniors try a variety of things to supplement their income by a few thousand dollars. But for many the economy in the past 20 years required two incomes just to meet expenses for a household of four or five. Millions of people today count on Social Security as their primary source of retirement income. This has multiplied since the baby-boomers began to qualify.

The average monthly Social Security check was $1,178.80 in 2011, impossible for a single to live on that. A couple can manage better with a whole lot of budgeting. Minimize your housing expenses even if you have to move. Pay off your debts before that retirement date. And of course lower your property tax bill by applying for senior status at your local tax office.

But here’s the thing: in prior years Social Security taxes collected from workers added up to more than the amount of benefits paid to retirees. This buildup of surplus was intentional – the government wanted to build a reserve that would cover the benefits of the baby boomers.

In the past when Social Security ran cash-flow surpluses, the federal government spent those surpluses on other federal spending, and in return, the Treasury credited Social Security’s trust fund with special-issue government securities. This $2.7 trillion in securities is not counted in the total amount of debt held by the public and will have to be repaid over the coming four decades.

But there is a ray of light – if you are reading this post then you have a basic knowledge of the Internet. That’s it! That’s all you need to 1) supplement your Social Security income today, and 2) replace your Social Security income when America finally admits it has to decrease payments or stop payments altogether due to insolvency. Don’t wait. Your freedom is in the link below.

Esther Smith, author
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A video is offered as a alternative to your puny retirement income. Go there and read, watch and take the steps to protect yourself here... I did, and happy to report my $8,750 monthly residuals really did take only 90 days to accomplish.

Are You Middle Class?

Middle ClassFact: The wealthiest 400 Americans have more money than the next 150 million. That is amazing to me... but then, the middle class is disappearing at such a fast rate that it makes total sense. Are you middle class? You may consider yourself to be, but you can’t deny that America’s middle class is being absolutely shredded as the ranks of the poor steadily grow. ..Read More Here