Residual Income

A Special Report


Residual Income and Why You Need It


We can spend hundreds of pages talking about statistics that don’t work anymore, but there is no need for it… the simple truth is that the Middle Class is shrinking in the U.S. and the signs are all around you. They have been taking place for some time now. The Internet revolution only sped things up.


The results have been devastating; the stay-at-home mom is a thing of the past because it takes two incomes to survive and today finding even one job is near impossible. While our middle class is shrinking, other countries are gaining as our jobs move overseas.


We are all being lied to. You know it, and I know it. The model for success was to get a college degree and find a good job; now gone… no longer worth a consideration in exchange for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that you may or may not ever pay back. It’s the big lie: the cost of education is going up and salaries are going down. How can this even make sense?


A New Model for Success


If you want to not only survive but thrive, you need some new strategies. Our liberties are being taken away one by one – inch by inch. More than 65% of our country now collects some form of government check every week or month. From food stamps to social security – we are dependent on our government to continue this income. What if they do not? Suddenly desperation sets in but… we don’t have to wait until that happens.


The Internet is still in its infancy. It will impact all our lives yet I have friends my age who will not even own a computer believing it’s “too complicated”. Learning and understanding the Internet specifically Internet Marketing, is the key to your new model of success. Internet marketing requires merely critical thinking skills. Whether you believe you have these or not, let me assure you that you do – it’s part of the American DNA.


Saving for retirement is a myth but many people don’t have the courage to look at the problem directly and come up with a solution. Saving 10% of your paycheck for 40 years gives you a lump sum that has not equaled the cost of living all that time. But there are so many things wrong with this strategy it’s hard to know where to start.


Adding in this new freedom of credit cards today just complicated all the variables of a sound savings plan for retirement. As the dollar drops in value and gold rises in value – where would you be if you had begun your saving-for-retirement 30 years ago?


Let’s apply some critical thinking. We have already seen that the stock market will not continue to grow like it used to. Regardless of your investment savvy, you have no control over the stock market, nor will social security ever be an income you can live on. The truth always points to doom and gloom it seems, but we can figure out what it will really take to retire on and sooner rather than later. So let me ask a simple question: how soon could you retire if you continued to receive the same level paycheck that you are accustomed to right now, but without working?


The secret is not hard to figure out – how to create cash flow.


If we are honest we would admit it’s not going to happen from your job. You need cash flowing on a regular basis whether you are working or not. I like the “or not” part. The common term for that is residual income. Some people have been creating this for all of their lives: landlords, authors, song writers – this is money coming in from the efforts you created months or weeks ago, even yesteryear.


Okay, so now you realize that if you keep two things in mind you will have the basics covered for your future income. 1) Learn skills using the Internet to make money?  2) Does what I am doing today give me a residual income? If no to both questions, change your direction. 


I have been marketing online since 1997 and many times Internet programs let me down; I’m the first to admit that. You must do some research or depend on someone who has been there, done that – and follow them. Most of the Internet marketing programs pay a commission for your sales. But today you sell their widget, get paid, and tomorrow you must sell it again, and again. That is NOT residual income.


Soon you will become a ‘program-junkie’ trying this one and that one until you realize that not any are really any different than the J.O.B. that you used to have. But people who buy a product time and again create that residual income we are after. Do the work once, and refill their orders multiple times. It’s like owning the only gas station in town.


Tangible products are things we “can’t live without.”  That’s what the Internet can give you… the perfect product with the perfect marketing tool. Poverty is when large efforts product small results. Let’s reverse that for wealth: small efforts for large results. When you give it all you have, you can make small efforts over and over again. This is referred to as residual income streams. Each effort now is paying you over and over again.


Another Advantage: World Wide Web


How big is your market? Why it’s worldwide. Your efforts touch someone in Japan, England or Australia. That’s why we love our Internet audience. As you work with your group of residual earners, you share the marketing system as everyone implements the same strategy online. That’s a powerful source – people all over the globe from every walk of life are generating their own residual incomes. Some may even have gone to college – or not. Does it make any difference? No. The synergy that comes from this is shear energy. It glues us to our computer because it is our lifeblood now.


Choose to take the path less traveled and you will be able to experience a life most people only dream of having. Hopefully, you now understand the power of residual income. You realize that every spare minute you have should be spent on creating this type of income because it will be your ticket out of the working life.


I like to call what I earn, “quiet money”. I don’t drive a Ferrari, own a coastal mansion, or vacation in Europe – I live modestly and try not to make myself a target. Live modestly but give what you can to the less fortunate. Teach anyone who wants to learn residual-income how you did it.


Esther Smith, author/publisher


PS: If you have read this Report perhaps you are ready to change directions. Leave a comment in the box below and a way to reach you. Best wishes for your new lifestyle.