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Wedding Orchids

The Bride's Bouquet


We know the most important thing about a wedding is the flowers; they add visual interest to the day but they also add elegance and a statement about the couple themselves. One of the most popular wedding flowers is the orchid. They come in so many different varieties and colors that any couple can find exactly what they want for their special day.



Cascading Orchids Wedding Bouquet



Orchids can be used in a wedding many ways – in the bride’s bouquet is most popular. There are two things in particular that make the orchid a perfect flower for a wedding bouquet; color and scent. A huge aspect to picking the right flower for the bouquet is the color of the flower. Most wedding bouquets feature a white or close to white colored flower. The other aspect of the bouquet is the scent.


Since these flowers will be held close to one’s nose, a strong scented flower might be out of the question. Plus many people suffer from allergies creating a difficult situation when holding fresh flowers so close to one’s nose.


Many do not know that flowers have meanings and stand for different things. For instance, roses embody love. Lilacs and daisies stand for innocence. Blue hydrangeas stand for loyalty and friendship. The flowers that are chosen for a wedding send a message – orchids stand for beauty. That is something that every bride and groom want their wedding to stand for. Beauty goes beyond looks; it can further accentuate the beauty of one’s life, their relationship and the tradition and ceremonies themselves. With so many beautiful things about a wedding, orchids are a wonderful choice for a flower.


Another way that orchids can be used in a wedding is in the centerpieces in the middle of the table. While some of the concerns regarding allergies and strong scents should be taken into consideration when choosing the right flower for the centerpieces, there are several reasons why orchids would make the perfect flower in these arrangements.


Orchids are tough as nails. Although they are sensitive to cold and may bruise or drop blooms with rough handling especially if you are going to have them shipped in, they are however, resistant to moisture loss and heat. For someone that is having a summer wedding that is great news. Plus, orchids are available year round depending upon their variety. Another thing that makes orchids great for centerpieces is their height; some types of orchids grow very tall making the centerpiece truly the center of attention.


Plus, orchids can be bought in bulk. This means that you are able to cut costs and go right to the source of the growers rather than paying for all the times that the flowers have to change hands. If you are planning on doing things yourself and incorporating orchids into not only the bouquets and the centerpieces but other aspects of the decorating, then buying orchids in bulk is definitely the way to go.


Esther Smith, author

Orchids were always noticeable at proms and our parental anniversary parties… so of course it was foremost in my mind for my own wedding. Everyone raved about the beautiful arrangements of the bouquets and the centerpieces. Learn more about orchids and don’t be afraid that these beauties are too fragile by visiting our website=>