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The orchid is one of the world’s most beautiful and special flowers and even with its finicky growing habits has turned it into a beloved hobby for many people. It’s not surprising therefore that the orchid has found its place in the language of flowers; mostly favoring the female – men will have to accept that they will not be included in the most beautiful words in the English language when describing the orchid.



Orchid with White Petals



Words like royalty, grace, purity and strength can all describe an orchid plant or flower. It’s rather ironic I believe, that the orchid is as sign of love and affection; its very beauty and resistance to grow anywhere but naturally -- comes as no surprise. And tag this one with the fact that the harder this flower is to find in the wild – the more love and affection it holds.


The term “beautiful lady” means a style or fashion attributed to the Victorian era. Back then, the similarities between women’s dresses such as satin and voile, and the orchid in its delicate shape and colors were hard to miss. Sadly, there are no similarities today in the female dress code and the lovely orchid.


To the Chinese, the symbol for many children was the constant blooming and re-blooming of the delicate orchid. The buds are small until they are mature enough to burst open, followed by another, and another. Many children were essential for the Chinese culture years ago – but today they are quite restricted in offspring.


So delicate in form, yet strong in fragrance.

So small in size, yet big in beauty.

So short in life, yet long in effect….”   



Esther Smith, author

Evolving through an intricate and interesting history, the meaning of orchids includes love, beauty, luxury and strength. For more orchid information=>