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Where to buy orchids? At the right time of the year, never exclude the orchid shows… most local societies have annual flower shows which are open to the public. There are exhibit booths that are educational, with prize-winning orchid plants and exhibits of all kinds of choices with a plethora of vendors.


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Orchids on Display



Here you can compare the different species, ask your questions and perhaps make a decision on where in the orchid world you might begin. This is also a great place to gather business cards for orchid vendors in your area; plan on visiting their place of business for even more choices and prices. Always avoid the mark-down items.


Another avenue might be the internet. Actually using my search engine, and with the simple word orchid, there were over a half million choices. Plant vendors, botanists, photographers, supply providers, etc. They even have an Orchid Mall.


The big-box stores like Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot, even grocery stores are sources for orchids. My own market carries them at different times of the year. However, a word of caution: very often the staff of grocery stores watering the plants have no idea what is appropriate for orchids – as a result they often have root rot if they have been there for any length of time. If you can see that the plant has several viable aerial roots, no insects, and looks otherwise healthy, you are probably safe Th purchasing the plant.


Another good idea is to join some orchid forums online. They don’t cost anything and after you register, you can read other peoples questions being answered by many other orchid lovers. You are allowed to ask your own question as well. What better way to get your expert education on buying or raising orchids.


Best of all, I have to admit, is AOS… American Orchid Society. Join this organization for timely and state-of-the-art orchid information. They have a free Newsletter and an Orchid Resource for those who are beginning to be or are already addicted. This includes reprints from Orchids Magazine, Book reviews and the interactive Orchid Forum. The whole shebang – just for you!



Esther Smith, author

The American Orchid Society Visitors Center is a 3.5 acre botanical garden specializing in orchids and home to the AOS. The garden is located in Morikami Park, Delray Beach, Florida and is open to visitors during business hours. The public display house contains ever-changing orchid displays with a 14-foot cascading waterfall. Don’t miss this if you are in Florida. Also visit us here=>