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Growing Orchids Indoors

Here's Some Helpful Hints


There are many kinds of orchids that have special requirements, and then there are those that are very easy to take care of. If this is your first orchid purchase, I would strongly recommend the orchid genus called Phaleanopsis. This is a lovely white or purple orchid flower, and is the most popular for growing indoor orchids. When you move out of the novice area, then there are other choices you can made, and bring home a buddy for your Phaleanopsis. I have seen whole bay windows with an assortment of orchids whose owner appears to be doing everything right.


Indoor Orchid

Working with Orchids Indoors



Sunlight is one of your first concerns, and it is advisable that your orchids get the early morning to late afternoon sun. Midday sunlight is far too harsh for any plant, and orchids are not the exception. Eastern exposure is best… if that is not possible, you may also use fluorescent light as a substitute, especially during midday.


They like temperatures above fifty-five degrees F, but no more than eighty degrees F. Any other variations will cause orchid blooms to fall off, or actually stop blooming forever. This brings us to the watering. You must keep the plants moist, but refrain from spraying water directly into those blooms. Water once every couple of weeks only and make sure that the roots do not soak up too much H2O.


The orchid you purchased has come in a special potting arrangement… the bare roots are put in the pot with little wiggle room, and covered with bark. The pot is then put upon a saucer holding pebbles and this is the place for your watering – the pot will take in any amount of water it needs to keep the root system moist without soaking it.


Fertilizing is the final tip here, very important for indoor orchid care. This must take place before the flowers bloom because that ensures they will stay in bloom for longer amounts of time. Once they begin blooming, you should lessen the frequency of fertilization.


Your plants need moist air and placing pots on wet pebbles in trays is a way to give them that… keep ½ inch of water in the tray because it will evaporate. This provides humidity. Using a mister to give your plants an occasional spritz will also provide added moisture. Air circulation is important too. Open your windows when the weather is warm, or place a small fan in the growing area.


Properly done, your orchids will bloom for a minimum of 3 months.



Esther Smith, author

Like all flowers, they can be grown in pots, indoors, outdoors, and in green houses. But they can also be grown in trees and hanging baskets. Investigate more as we bring you new ideas and tips on orchids=>