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Golden Retriever Don't Like Searching For Specific Answers In A Book?

Now You Don't Have To

You Can Not Only Read This Book, You Can Listen to it & Watch it!
This book is the ultimate, beautifully illustrated and printable guide for the prospective "Golden" owner. It covers every bit of information you ever wanted to know about this magnificant animal.

The "24K Golden Retriever" provides a new technology in eBooks. You can actually watch this book on your computer screen or any of the new eBook electronic reading devices, while your personal instructors demonstrate on videos, what is being taught in the printed format of this incredible handbook.

Every bit of this eBook and video library is packed with the latest cutting edge information on Golden Retrievers.

Here are just a few of the discoveries you will make when you read this impressive handbook and watch the many video tutorials inside it's covers.

  • Are you ready to commit yourself to adopting a Golden Retriever? Here are some important facts that will help you decide.
  • Learning the history of this beautiful breed will help you to appreciate the value of your own Golden Retriever companion.
  • How to prepare your home and yard for the arrival of a new Golden Retriever puppy, with "safety" as a priority.
  • Proven training techniques yhat will help you avoid major problems while you are teaching your Golden Retriever.
  • Begin your dog's training with these simple but easy to learn commands..."Sit - Down - Heel".
  • A guide to Golden Retriever diet and nutrition; the secret of a long life for your family companion.
  • Little known "secret" tips that professional dog teainers use to have a well behaved Golden Retriever.
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All This and so Much More

It would take a long time to explain everything you are going to find in our beautifully illustrated eZBook, not to mention the hours of instructions and entertainment that you will be able to experience in our video library.

You say you don't have the time to wade through a lot of information to find certain things that you want or need to know quickly. No Problem! Simply browse through the titles in our Video Library and you will have that important information at your fingertips... at the push of a key.

Your personal video instructor is waiting to show you exactly what you are looking for on just about any subject related to adopting, training, caring for and enjouing your companion Golden Retriever.

You can acquire the eBook, "24K Golden Retriever", in less than 6 minutes plus you will have instant access to the complete Video Tutorial Library by ordering your copy through ClickBank.

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