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Golden Retriever Puppy Training


 A good Golden Retriever puppy training course will ensure you have an ideal pet that is truly a beloved family member. Your task will be easy because of several features: they have a gentle disposition, they are intelligent and athletic – all of which makes them highly trainable. Add to this the well-known fact that they are always eager to please their owner.


They can be a pretty big dog and males reach 75 pounds or more so it is important to have a good golden retriever puppy training course when they are small to make sure your pet is a good one.


Girl and Her Dog



Starting at eight weeks, here are some beginner tips for you to make your job easier – regular exercise is a given with golden retrievers; they need a lot of exercise. And make sure when walking, you teach them to stay beside you not ahead of you. This lets them know they are not in control. Provide mental as well as physical stimulation – talk to them -- even though they don’t understand you, your tone is telling them plenty. Be loving, but firm so he knows the leader is you.


Training this golden puppy is like taking a dry sponge to water. He soaks up whatever you show him and constantly looks for more things to learn. At this age, his body is not yet producing hormones and that alone is to your benefit. Without hormones, he is focused on your every word and is not interested in investigating other places, dogs, or people.


You are his leader: his provider of food, water and shelter. He feels secure with you and wants to stay close. You have already noticed that he follows you from room to room, sleeps near you at night, and is awake as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning.


Living with an untrained dog is like owning a piano before you have had your first lesson. It might offer a sense of pride in its beautiful mahogany lines, but doesn’t do much more to bring you pleasure. Give it a period of time into your lessons however and suddenly that same piano brings you magical sounds and rhythms that make all that hard work worthwhile.


Golden Retriever puppies respond to gentle motivational methods of teaching… and of course sincere praise and encouragement. And when he’s happy you’ll know it by the way he dances around and wags all of his body. 


Esther Smith, author

Smith has trained many pets of her own including her horse, Rusty, and never tires of sharing her life with animals.


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