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White Golden Retrievers

Precious Jewels


For the lover of golden retrievers, we have a big range of shades from light creamy to a dark, almost red or mahogany color. The Golden Retriever Committee, understands the differences that come with the color of the goldens, but the true golden color is more popular in America.


White golden retrievers are referred to with a large variety of names including English, English golden, European golden, blonde goldens or light goldens. These names are primarily used also in America to differentiate between the Kennel Club Standard for British retrievers and those that were bred in America.


White Golden Retriever



An AKC breeder answers the question of why we mix the American-English golden retrievers breeds:


“There is some variation between the English Golden Retrievers (also known as European Golden Retriever) type prevalent throughout Europe and those of American lines; and these differences are reflected in the breed standards. By mixing the two types of Golden Retrievers, we believe dog owners get the best of both worlds. The mix reinforces all the loving and loyalty characteristics of the breed, but they tend to be more docile at an earlier age then the pure American breed.”


Mixing the English and American breeds also insures a diverse mix of bloodlines, reducing the chance of physical defects due to inbreeding.


The golden retriever is a treasure worth finding with its beautiful white coat, dark eyes, and amazing temperament. The English Cream White retrievers are precious jewels to be treasured.


Esther Smith, author

Can you look at a litter of creamy white golden retrievers and not convince yourself you have to have one? I’d not put serious money on this bet.


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