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Whoever it was never held a Golden Retriever puppy or sat amid a litter of thirteen of them all licking, squealing, and vying for your attention. It’s like waking up in a stuffed animal store and they suddenly came to life… the perfect dream you wish would never end.



My Puppy




But the smart buyer looking for an AKC Golden Retriever puppy will choose the breeder that isn’t in it just for the sale. These breeders like to get to know you and are pleased when you choose to give one of their own a home-for-life. They love your up-dates and pictures as your puppy grows into adulthood. These are breeders who care.


The reason you have chosen a Golden Retriever puppy is because you want comic relief… and they are certainly that. This breed is in constant motion – and if you have the nerve to ask a breeder just when this puppy might settle down, they are apt to tell you around 15 years.


But I like to advise buyers to study the parents of a prospective puppy you might walk home with. You will probably notice that everything about them is for the pure joy of succeeding because they’re excited about learning – anything, everything!


Just like their puppies, they jump all over the place, run back and forth, and round in circles sometimes, and notice how they prance with both front feet while trying to sit still. You see, everything to Goldens is a game – life itself is fun and this dear buyer, is contagious.


But remember, a cute puppy is not just for Christmas, it’s for life. Rearing a puppy and keeping and rearing them is a long commitment. It shouldn’t be because “they’ll look so cute under the tree”, or “I know Johnny will take good care of it”.


Pet owners, especially AKC Golden puppy owners do tend to live longer, healthier lives.


Esther Smith, author

Choosing a breeder should be just as thorough a search as your choice of the litter when you finally find the right agency.


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