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Some People Need Help Here


If I were a new owner of a Golden Retriever, I can think of a dozen help-questions I might ask but being stuck on a name for him would not be one of them. Yet I’ve read, “…choosing a name for your pup can be a tough job.” Or the article that claims, “…there are hundreds of Golden Retriever names, but you must choose one that fits your dog the best.”


Huh??? Well okay then – here we go.


There are multiple popular Golden Retriever names you can choose from and it’s your call after all – but the wise ones caution us to keep it short because your dog might find it difficult to respond to a very long name. Let’s consider Jazz, Gus, or Ginger… oh, and incidentally, they even separate the boy names from the girl names.


They want you to choose a name that captures the sunny and playful personality of the Golden – how about these… Sunny, Jiggles, or Blondie?


Golden Retriever

Doesn’t matter how or what you name your dog in the end, because it’s the kids that will come up with their idea and the poor dog will have to live with it. My niece named every pet she ever owned until high school – fluffy; dog, cat, turtle and even her pet goldfish which, to my knowledge could never fit that name.


So make sure it’s a name you absolutely love because on average, you will use that name over 35,000 times throughout your dog’s life. It’s always fun to involve your kids, and they do tend to choose simple names; good. Just remember some names might be cute around home but naming your puppy Stinky, might raise some eyebrows when you’re out in public.


Also beware of honoring a family member with your pet’s name. He’s your cute baby, yes, however -- having a pet named after you to some -- not so much. And remember also that puppies need to be AKC registered if you want their paper- status. To do that, pick a hoity-toity type of name for this purpose only;  you may not use it every day.


Well I’m not sure I’ve helped you much, so I’ll just add some last minute thoughts: think of famous names of TV dogs – Scooby, Astro and Dino. How about German names like Fitz and Kaiser? Irish dog names can be good names for puppies like Finn or Murphy. Go French maybe, with Pierre or Gigi – how sophisticated!


There’s nothing on earth quite as magical as a Golden Retriever. Any owner is privileged to have their loyalty and adoration. You can hardly go wrong with names for Golden Retriever puppies, so write ‘em all down and then vote!


Esther Smith, author

Naming your Golden Retriever should not be a chore – relax and make it fun.

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