Golden Retriever

Mating Tips for Golden Retrievers

What You Need to Know First


It’s a given that Golden Retrievers are much-sought after dogs being friendly, good-looking, non-aggressive and yet protective and lovable pets that adapt well into any family. But one must be aware that there are high costs and plenty of care involved with hobby-dog breeding of Golden Retrievers; it raises the bar on time and responsibility factors associated with this.


Golden RetrieversMany dog-breeder enthusiasts have advised families to honestly judge their motives. It is not a necessary procedure for the dog – although natural instincts about mating do exist, there are typically no regrets over not breeding experienced in the emotions of the dogs themselves.


You should expect to pay upwards of $600 for stud service from a good mate. You should also have at least $1000 to $2000 set aside for food and veterinary costs. Veterinary attention could be necessary should your dog require a caesarean section or the puppies become ill. The puppies will also need to be vaccinated before a new buyers takes ownership of them.


As a responsible breeder you also have to provide documentary evidence that your brood bitch is free of bone defects such as hip dysplasia and any eye defects. Prospective puppy owners will expect to see this documentation.


And as a precaution: for female Goldens pregnancy only causes more problems and therefore breeding them has to be a well-thought out decision that involves a lot of health precautions as well as after-care. An unhealthy mother can work adversely for the dog-breeder as female Goldens that are not favorably inclined towards nurturing her young, will become your  responsibility -- a time-consuming and tiring task at best.


The requirements for professional dog-breeders are quite different to that of a hobby dog-breeder, and what must be realized is they can end up feeling disappointed by their failed efforts, or less than delighted with the end result.


Breeding for some fast-cash is never a good idea.


Esther Smith, author

It’s so easy to want a litter of new-born Goldens to adore and love, but more serious thought should be given before attempting this.


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