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Oh, those sweet golden puppies with chocolate eyes and a wagging tail. How can anyone resist? They are so playful and love to be cuddled which are the main traits that a perspective dog owner is willing to give all for. But what some consumers do not understand is that many of these treasures found in pet stores come from puppy mills. And I’ve even heard the response that -- in that case, they have saved a litter of puppies.


Unfortunately that idea couldn’t be further from the truth; it’s all about money, only money. Typically the dogs used for breeding at puppy mills are over bred, in poor health and spend their sad lives in a cage.


Golden Puppies



Add to this, we can’t see the parents of these puppies that are begging for a home with pleading eyes. The traits of the parents are passed down to their puppies, and pet stores have no idea what that could, or could not entail. A calm, friendly puppy will most likely be a calm, friendly dog as well. An aggressive dog, housed constantly in a cage will most likely breed an aggressive heir when they reach their adult years.


Private breeders love their dogs and consider themselves experts. They offer their clients a ton of resources before and after they have made their purchase. This is to your benefit. Yet golden retriever puppies should also be kept busy. Their highly intelligent nature can cause them to become bored. Left to fill their own time without activity, these puppies might choose to turn their boredom into frustration and destruction.


Of course the bright side is goldens love human companionship and so are ideal for a family. Perfect guide dogs, search and rescue dogs and most other types of service dogs except guard dogs – they are too friendly to strangers to do more than a welcoming bark. They’ll ask you to take them jogging, hiking or hunting, and with this in mind it’s wise to place your golden puppy into an obedience class. They are more than willing to please their owners but at times need the direction in order to do so.


If you are considering a golden retriever puppy, make sure that you find the right breeder in your area. The American Kenned Club will help find one near you.


Esther Smith, author

Smith has a passion for the golden retriever pup, and her problem is stopping at just one.


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