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Who could not fall in love with a Golden Retriever… stable, loving, eager to please and oh so gentle? But even so, regardless of the breed of dog we are attracted to, it is important also to get one that will fit your lifestyle.


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Goldens are devoted, loyal, mind mannered and thrive on giving and receiving attention. But, they are also quite energetic with an endearing playful streak. While you may love and adore Golden Retrievers, ask yourself if you have the time to devote to their needs. Daily exercise is an important part of their care. Retrieving balls, sticks or Frisbees are in their DNA.


Add to this socializing with other dogs… important because you will be walking with them daily. They also enjoy swimming, hiking. jogging or biking. Did you know that challenging certain breeds with mental exercise is also an important aspect to their care? You can create fun games or interesting things for your dog to do that will keep them entertained because just like any caged animal in the zoo, they become bored if you don’t.


If you are an inexperienced owner Goldens are easy to train and they thrive on positive obedience training with lots of praise and treats but do be careful, these dogs love to eat. Many Goldens suffer from obesity because of their love for food, and their owners love for them. As they become less active, this is of primary concern.


Unfortunately, they do not differ from any other dog breed with their tendency to chew. Providing them with appropriate toys so that your own belongings and furnishings don’t suffer can help the situation. Goldens also have grooming requirements; brushing their coats about twice a week, more often when shedding and straggly hairs should be trimmed as well. Dogs with floppy ears like the Golden Retrievers also have their ears cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of infection. Since the Goldens are such a heavy shedder, it is not a suitable breed for those with allergies.


Adoption agencies are numerous and many have listed their choices online often with pictures. Some of these dogs came from abused homes, or from families that can no longer afford to keep them. Wouldn’t an orphan Golden Retriever be just the companion for you? A two or three year old Golden has already been trained, but is young enough to appreciate a forever-home with you.



Esther Smith, author

Smith loves golden retrievers, and even remembers the first pair she was introduced to many years ago. They were twin dogs owned by a family she baby-sat for.


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