Golden Retriever

The Colors of Golden Retrievers

A Study of Wendy Andrews' Palette


There is a range of colors for Golden Retrievers that apparently forbid the white of the Samoyed and the mahogany of the Irish setter; this according to Wendy Andrews, author. The frontier between permissible and forbidden is quite tight. Conforming to the “standard” depends on recognizing this difference.

We can notice the great palette of colors

Golden Retriever Colors



The Standard: any shade of gold or cream, the coat can be neither white nor mahogany. A few white hairs are permissible but only on the chest.


Non Confirmable Points: mahogany or white


The color of the Golden Retriever’s fur is unforgettable. They are very lustrous and golden in color that varies in shades. The coat is quite long, dense and repels water. The soft luxurious hair may be either straight or wavy. They also have feathers on their legs and tail that makes them very beautiful when hunting. The Golden Retriever needs regular grooming with a wire brush or comb – this keeps them shiny and tangle free.


The breed standards may not include your Golden Retriever, but that only means he would score poorly or even be disqualified in a show… it does not mean he would be a poor choice for your pet.


Most Goldens are lighter as pups and will darken as they develop their adult coats. But I believe it is foolish to stress over your pets color, now or later – it’s still a Golden and it just a color!



Esther Smith, author

The golden shades are still the preferable color choice of people who want everyone to recognize the Golden Retriever without having to ask.


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