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Cancer and Golden Retrievers

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The first fact that vets will address is diet.  There are many different therapies used to fight canine cancer, depending of course on the patient and the type of cancer. But they all need a grain-free diet; including treats. Your Golden Retriever’s body is regulated and controlled by what goes in his feedings. For the best chance of a good outcome, you must give your dog the proper building blocks to use in fighting cancer, and keep out those things which will cause further harm. Diet is crucial. says, “Dogs rarely die of cancer. They usually succumb to secondary liver or kidney failure. These are cancer side effects that can usually be avoided by controlling the diet”.


Veternarian with PuppyA vet’s first concern is to get the immune function back to normal. For most dogs, this is adequately addressed by the use of the K-9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor combination. The next most important issue is diet.


A Golden Retriever with cancer is building a lot of new tissue – adequate proteins and cell membrane compounds (omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids) are required to do this. When these are not readily available, the body will rob it from other places, leading at best to muscle wasting, but more likely complication with the function of the kidneys and dog liver cancer. Fortunately, these can be avoided by watching the dog’s diet.

Oddly diet is one thing that can be controlled and is often the only thing that makes the difference between a successful treatment outcome and failure. So let’s explore this issue carefully:


Stay away from grains! Dogs did not evolve as grain eaters. Most of our commercial dog foods are based on rice, wheat or corn. Instead, dogs have evolved as primarily meat eaters. They simply do not produce the enzymes necessary to digest grains. Read your dog food label and make sure the first ingredient on the list is some type of meat.


You will almost always find some grains… but sorghum is better filler than corn, and corn is better filler than rice or wheat. For a canine cancer patient, any commercial dry food should be supplemented with additional animal protein sources. Try to add canned sardines (best), cottage cheese, eggs and just about any kind of meat such as Hamburg or ground turkey. High fat content is good. Some vets advocate a raw diet, while some say it should be cooked, but more important than either is the amount of animal-based protein and fats. Keep in mind, dog are primarily carnivores. They do best on the diet they evolved to eat.


Golden Retrievers, like most other dogs have a fighting chance with cancer, if their owners are aware of the Internet help that is offered. Address your pets diet first, then check some of the really remarkable websites that address canine cancer.



Esther Smith, author

Only once have I seen a gorgeous Golden Retriever, whose name was Oscar, going through multiple surgeries to save his life. Oscar had cancer of the mouth and after the third operations, his owners decided to spare him any more disfigurement and pain.


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