Golden Retriever

Finding a Breeder

Who to Use - Who to Refuse


 With Golden Retrievers being the most popular family pet, there are bound to be more than a few shady breeders out there that have a bigger love of money than the love of the breed. Finding an honest breeder with high quality dogs can be challenging. But years of living with a dog healthy and fit is worth the extra effort.


Puppies in a TubFirst become an educated buyer – learn all you can about the breed with special attention to its health and temperament. There is no breed free of problems and many Goldens have hip dysplasia; a result of bad breeding.


Parents of a Golden Retriever pup that has had OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) approval would be a big plus. This is an X-ray based diagnostic protocol that a reputable breeder is aware of. There ought to be no excuses as to why a breeding pair would not be checked regardless of what a breeder might offer. Ask to see OFA papers to verify that their dogs are in good health.


Other health concerns for Golden Retrievers include cataracts. A breeding pair should also be checked to ensure they are not passing along the genes that cause this kind of hardship for the puppies later on in life.


Here’s a bonus tip: a key to understanding if you have found a quality breeder of Golden Retrievers is to find out what they are looking for as far as a home for the puppies they have for sale. This alone will tell you a lot. If their top priority is to find a good loving home, you know that you have found a good breeder. They may also be willing to take the puppy back without reimbursement if for some reason you can’t take care of it.


Typically a reputable breeder loves to talk about their dogs. They may introduce you to their breeding pair and mention ribbons or competitions they have won. Make your investment pay big rewards by finding a good breeder and you will have a life-long and faithful companion.



Esther Smith, author

Smith has seen breeding farms where the only goal is money earned. These adult dogs are bred too often and rarely are out of their cages. The puppies they give birth to are inferior in health and disposition.


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