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Golden Retriever Background

America's Favorite


The Golden Retriever is a relatively new breed when you consider the history of other dogs. They were conceived by breeders in England during the 1800s and considered to come from the same stock as Labrador Retrievers who themselves, are said to come from the Newfoundland dog.


Golden RetrieverBut wait – this breed is also said to have some of the Irish setter -- as well as the Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct). So if I have my story right, Lord Tweedmouth, wanted a loyal but energetic yellow or golden dog that had the ability to retrieve. From here it is said that Tweedmouth found a yellow puppy among a black Labrador retriever litter and bred it with a Water Spaniel and later a Red Setter, as well as the Newfoundland.


Well all this busy-breeding resulted in our Golden Retriever, a product of Britain and their visitors who took them back to their native countries. However, most other countries did not hold with hunting as did the British, and so the Goldens slowly transformed from a hunting dog into a family and companion pet.


Goldens are a part of the Sporting dog group which means by nature they are hard working, active and loyal. They are champion show and sport dogs. Throughout their history, they have proven their incredible sense of smell, intelligence, and natural retrieving instincts making them ideal hunters, police dogs, and seeing-eye dogs for the blind.


The first Golden Retrievers arrived in the USA around the 1920s. And they’ve been a favorite pet for millions of families. The Goldens do not make good guard dogs… they are just too friendly even to strangers and most likely will welcome any new face as an old friend.


Beautifully designed, the Golden Retriever is a powerful dog, graceful and sound. Known for their reliability, intelligence and kind benevolent behavior they have developed a reputation as an excellent all around family dog. We owe their lovable nature to Lord Tweedmouth who bred each generation until he produced the beautiful golden, dense, water repellent coat of our pet today.


Esther Smith, author

Smith is a golden retriever enthusiast, and lives next door to three of the most beautiful examples one could wish for.


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