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A Golden Heaven


 A golden retriever dream:  sitting down in a Golden Heaven of sorts with a litter of soft fluffy-balls all scurrying about; I was in a wild chaos of fur, licking tongues and little puppy squeals… at once knowing life would never be the same again. It was like a cartload of stuffed animals had suddenly come to life!


What artist could not take that experience home to their canvas or colored pencils in a lasting memory?




Naturally, if you have been commissioned to paint someone’s golden retriever you would want to know that dog really well (a neighbor’s for instance), or request a photo – actually several would be wise as you may need to refer to them for expression or fur color in various light.


A litter of pups is quite another challenge… you may be at this endeavor for several months. Often, owners who own litters will choose two or three that would make the perfect portrait and while the choosing might seem to be an impossible task with so many adorable fluff-balls, it would make more sense.


Personally, I prefer the painting that represents the natural, everyday action shot – leaping over a low split-rail fence with ears flying back and tennis ball firmly in mouth. It’s the joy on the face of the pet as he anticipates his reward. Sometimes a sleeping retriever or one in full stretch after his nap, or even a golden retriever’s expression just before you throw the ball. Those are the poses I love to paint; action shots.


Still, there’s no end to the art on the Internet for golden retriever owners. Commissioned portraits aside, you can find bowls, magnets, decals, crocks and clocks, weathervanes, coasters, signs, stationary, posters, and bumper stickers. Golden Retrievers are well loved.


Esther Smith, author

Smith is an artist as well as author and her research took her to websites she never imagined. Gifts abound and every genre in art has been covered.


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