Golden Retriever

Adopt a Golden Retriever

With Their Eager to Please Demeanour


The very name golden brings a touch of class to any statement. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs; notoriously preferred as pets. Big, energetic, congenial and playful – this pet loves his master and becomes his master’s pride.


My PuppyYet all that glitters is not golden for the ones who have been rendered homeless due to a tragedy of sorts. These dogs have been with humans, lived and loved them and have also been the receiver of their love and adoration. Desertion, no matter how innocent or necessary – pains them.


The only happy ending to a homeless Golden’s story is you.


Adopting a Golden has its benefits… it costs less than buying a Golden, and you get a dog that is already used to human company. Adjustment issues are less likely and you will probably admit, taking an adult dog instead of a puppy means you’ll never have to find your shoes, replace your furniture, carpet and a host of other things all dogs teeth on.


But let’s be quite clear on the subject of adoption… good adoption shelters select their homes based on the needs of each individual Golden.


Their process begins when a homeless Golden Retriever is brought into the shelter. Each dog is first provided a medical assessment and any necessary treatment including spay or neuter, heartworm, and vaccinations. At once, they begin evaluating each dog’s personality and temperament from the moment they are welcomed into the shelter.


Next they assess each dog’s behavior with other dogs, children, adults, and other animals like cats, squirrels, or pet birds. They observe the Goldens to determine their degree of house training, crate training, leash walking skills, knowledge of commands, ability to ride in cars, general activity level and exercise needs.


From all this information, they are able to select the home best suited for each dog. They are kept in foster homes while their medical needs and evaluations are being compiled. This information is used when selecting an appropriate adoptive home.


As you can see, it seems to be almost like those Match-Mate programs on the internet when you seek a suitable future spouse. Both sides have to be compatible there, as in Golden and new home must also be compatible in this instance too.


This means that not all Goldens may be suitable for your home, and maybe you are not suitable for all Goldens. But every adoption shelter will match you and your home to the perfect match – they are the experts. When you finally meet what they feel is the ideal for your family; the final decision is all yours.


Nothing is more rewarding than saving a life and no higher recognition than watching them thrive.


Esther Smith, author

Smith is a huge believer in adoption and her success in this adventure is an ongoing given.


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