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Fruit-Glycemic Index


Fruit juice has most of the fiber removed and since fiber slows down digestion and therefore glycemic response, it should be drunk in moderation. All fruits can have a high glycemic index reading or a low one.
with low GI values include:


·        Apples

·        Blackberries

·        Cherries

·        Grapefruit

·        Grapes

·        Lemons

·        Oranges

·        Peaches

·        Pears

·        Raspberries and

·        Strawberries


Enjoy any of these with no worry. Fruits with high GI values include:


·        Cantaloupe,

·        Dates

·        Honeydew

·        Raisins and

·        Watermelon


All other fruits are intermediate GI foods. The good news is most fresh fruit has a high nutritional value and therefore even if higher on the glycemic index should be part of a healthy diet… especially if you are trying to lose weight. Eating more fruit will improve insulin sensitivity, better glycemic control and reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


But listen – natural, whole foods are always better than refined foods, even if they fit on a glycemic chart rather high… these are foods eaten at their best; unadulterated. So let’s use simple human common sense when we decide if a food is okay to eat or not… most especially – fruit because it’s such an innocent food.


Esther Smith, author

Smith’s daily intake of food depends a lot on foods in their natural state – this of course means lots of veggies and fruit. For more information on this subject please go to:

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