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Shake Off the Sugar

 Low glycemic index recipes are meals we should all eat anyway, whether we have problems with our blood sugar or not. Actually, what low glycemic index recipes call for are substitutions to foods that make your blood sugar plummet or skyrocket. Here is a typical recipe:


Pita Pizza


  • Instead of using refrigerated pizza dough, use whole wheat pita bread

  • Use low fat sauce, or even one without sugar

  • Use low fat cheese

  • Don’t use as much meat. Use mushrooms, garlic, broccoli, spinach and/or peppers instead

  • Make as you would your usual pizza


That is basically the philosophy behind low glycemic recipes. You still cook the same dishes, but in slightly different ways, a swapping of "this" for "that".

Weight loss
is a very serious thing. With thousands of diets on the market, all professing to have the answer, your better plan is knowing the glycemic index in foods and using it daily – this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.  Understanding how to put glycemic index recipes together will help you lose weight and keep it off.


All weight loss programs require that you stop drinking alcohol. The glycemic index in alcohol is very low but the calories in it are the same per gram as fat. So, the glycemic index of alcohol looks like it should be a very healthy food for us all to drink. In fact this is a myth we all need to be aware of. Alcohol does NOT go straight though you as this myth states. Alcohol is processed in the body first before the proteins, fats and carbs. This slows down the fat burning process and can indeed add pounds to a body.


Drink and eat in moderation, stick to the glycemic index recipes and you should be able to live a healthy, diabetes-free lifestyle.

Esther Smith, author

Smith has been using glycemic index recipes for many years; once you understand the formula… you put these together automatically, without thinking. For more information on glycemic health go to:

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