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Many of the Publications today which discuss the Glycemic Index try to imply that this is a weight loss program. That is a misleading representation of what this program is all about.

The Glycemic Index is all about eating proper and healthy foods, pure and simple. Yes, you will probably lose weight but that weight loss is from eating proper foods, not avoiding foods.

There is no need to purchase special foods or packaged "weight loss" programs. Simply follow some sensible ideas and concepts which we have laid out in our book, Glycemic Health News. Purchasing this book is well worth the investment.
Glycemic Food
According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity (and the serious complications of Diabetes Type 2 is rapidly reaching epidemic proportions in our Western Society, especially across the United States. This is a condition of "insulin resistance" formerly seen in those over 60 years of age.

Today, however, it is now found routinely in school children as young as 8 or 9. There is NO CURE for diabetes - but you can sidestep around it - or avoid it altogether - with our Glycemic Index Health Plan. Please take this warning seriously. A few minutes of your time spent on this web page could save your life.
Is it your fault, or are you a victim?
Cause Number One: The Food Industry!

Madison Avenue, the center of the world of advertising, is the primary Reason for social problems related to obesity. Madison Avenue is regulated and funded by the entire food industry. The food industry doesn't care if you grow fat from fast foods or processed foods. As long as you are willing to pay for them, they will keep selling them and their stocks will keep soaring for investors. The bottom line is always "Profits". Follow the Money!

Cause Number Two: The Health Industry!

Madison Avenue's clients include major Health food processing and packaging manufacturers who promote widely advertised (on television) weight loss programs. The truth is, these companies are reaping billions from people aspiring to lose weight by selling them frozen packaged meals.

You know the meals I am referring to. Diet foods that look absolutely delicious on the package, but somehow don't look the same after heating them up. But look at those beautiful pictures of what you are deceived into believing is inside the package.

Now turn the package over and count the ingredients that are'nt even food. Do you really want to eat something that reads like a chemical factory?
The Glycemic Index Handbook of Health
A Sample of what is included:
  • How to use our "Glycemic Index Chart" (GI Rankings) to easily purchase and prepare the best possible produce and food products that will result in your loss of weight in a minimum amount of time.
  • Discover the absolute best and worst Glycemic Index foods.
  • Do you like chocolate? Which candy bars can you eat to easily satisfy your cravings for chocolate without gaining weight.
  • Kill those horrible "between meals" cravings with sweet snacks or guiltless fatty "fill-ups" that will end hunger pains - the very reason why so many diets fail.
  • How to cut through all the weight-loss lies and false information that you read in books and magazines.
  • Learn why 95% of dieters fail.
You Did Not Fail Your Last Diet!
Your Last Diet Failed You!
  • How to send your motabolism soaring through the roof and lose weight in no time with more energy than you could possibly imagine.
  • Learn how to easily avoid the common mistakes other dieters make.
  • Surprise! You will discover why so many people gain back whatever weight they lose while dieting. Avoid this trap!
  • Bonus feature! We provide access to many video tutorials to tell you all you need to know about the Glucemic Health Plan.


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