Classic Nudes

The Necklace
22x28 Unframed
Price: $2100

Inspired by the photography of Roderick McDonald, this model is unpinning her hair after a long photo shoot. Perfect lighting effect

The Classic Nude
36x24 Unframed

An excellent Photographer set out to create inspiration from the ancient world in the posing and drapery of this classical pose. This is my rendition in oil on canvas.

The Beauty of Autumn Colors
Oil on Canvas
30x30 Unframed
Price: $1500

Photographer Dale Lehmer created a technique siminar to panning, resulting in an exceptional melting pot of just the right subject blur.

Oil on Canvas
30x30 Unframed
Price: $2700

Dale Lehmer prefers the warm evening sun, about two hours before sunset for his photo shootings. Alone with the beauty of nature, and against the usual rules she is centered in this painting - to emphasize her contentment and security in nature itself.