About The Author
Esther Hinchliff - Smith

Born and raised in the rural regions of New England, Esther Hinchliff was drawing and using watercolors by the age of ten. This became an urge that went beyond mere need and was to keep her creative juices flowing to this day. Her first award came in High School when she won a National Poster Contest for Fire Prevention. In her teens she purchased her first tubes of oil paints and canvas.

When inherent talent must find its own way, she did not let the lack of money to further her artistic creativeness lessen her drive. What you see in her artwork is pure resolve to create better and better results.

Achieving realism has always been a strong desire and wildlife was her earliest inspiration. For many years the works of Robert Bateman became her study. Her creations are accomplished through several applications, or values, perfecting the base for later painting each hair in place.

A frequent question has been - where do you get the ideas? The answer lies in the wonderful talents of cinema-photographers that have brought unsuspecting animal behavior to the zoom lens. Today, the digital photographer demonstrates the many different effects possible using flash units, filters or reflectors, or even the sun as the principal light source when filming the human form. No artist could ask for more. Photographers are, in every respect, talented artists.

When asked which painting she feels is her best work? She'd probably tell you...
the next one.

The stealth of the Big Cats, the bonding of the wolf pack, and the wild spirit of the Andalusians are favorite subjects. But her talents go beyond these; accepting frequent commissions for seascapes, landscapes or pet portraits.

Hinchliff's work has been in exclusive showings, sold in numerous Galleries, on the Internet, and not surprisingly by word-of-mouth.

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Phone: 864-675-9145