Welcome to My Fine Art Gallery

My gallery of fine art has been my creative passion for many years. Everyone enjoys art in some form. Whether your love is Wolves, Andalusians, African Wildlife, Nudes, Seascapes, or a special commissioned piece of fine art, an original oil painting becomes an exceptional focal point wherever it is featured.

Here is a rich collection of one of a kind art featuring my favorite Wildlife paintings and unique fine art nudes. Oil paintings are all on canvas, some framed, and available to add to your collection of  art. Previously sold art and commissioned art are included to show the various range of realism artwork.

One should make note that paintings entered on the internet must necessarily take a route from original to photo to internet display. Images vary from computer to computer, therefore clarity, shading, and/or specific color may not be an accurate representation of the actual painting.

All Artists are creative. We create a painting, and when it is shared with others, an intangible piece of the artist goes with it. Time will destroy everything: us, our thoughts and ideas, but it will not touch the things we have created: our music, our poems, our films, or our artworks

Esther B Hinchliff

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