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Candle Making for Profit or Pleasure

Candles have been in use since the Stone Ages. In fact archelogists have discovered references to the candle as far back as 3,000 BC. For the most part these candles have been found in Egypt as well as the island of Crete in Greece.

The first "candles" were called "rush lights" or "rush dips".The distinguishing feature of  "rush lights" was they had no wicks. These candle-like items were probably made from rocks or stones forming a depression into which animal fat was poured.

This crude beginning has evolved into the elaborate world of candle making which we experience today.

If asked, many people would describe a candle as a taper which is used for decorative effects around the house. The "colonial" tapers may have been the beginning of the candle industry as we know it today but the imagination and development of the modern world of candle making will astound you.

Candle Making for Pleasure


Types of Wax

Blended Paraffin
Paraffin Wax
Bead Wax
Soy Wax
Gel Wax
Palm Wax
Humor in Candle Design

Candle Making for Profit

Soy Candles The Business of Candle Making

Create a Signature or Trademark Candle design
Talk With Retailers
Rent a Store or Window Space
Become a Candle-Making Instructor
Rent a Market Booth
Create a Small Catalog
Be a "Custom" Candle Maker
Give Away Free Samples

Contents of This Book Include:

Candle Making Supplies

Wax, Wicks, Colors, and Fragrances

Candle Making Problem Troubleshooting

Making Candles Step-by-Step

Candles as Gift Ideas

Create a Business Making Candles

Safety and Government Alerts and Standards


This book has been prepared as a reference guide to all aspects of the business or hobby of candle making. Candle Making Treasures is being offered at $7.95

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