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Candle Making for Fundraisers

Profit Either of Two Ways

Consider Candle Fundraising – if it’s for your Brownie Troup, your church organization, or for your graduation trip, you can make 50% profit by selling candles. If it’s a branch of your business, you can contact these kinds of organizations and offer them 50% of your retail sales just for selling your candles. Some that I’ve researched offer various incentives like free shipping if your order is over 1500. That’s a lot of profit, for you and for their organization.


Cheese CandleAlso, many groups looking for a great fundraiser are coming up short with new restrictions on the type of items that people are allowed (or not allowed) to sell. Because organizations are placing heavy restrictions on food items in an effort to keep customers healthier – candle fundraising is an excellent alternative to candy bars.


Customers in general enjoy purchasing a new type of product, and they will get more for their money with candles that can be used over and over. Candle fundraisers are easy to start. Just call a fundraising consultant (yellow book) and give them your general contact information.


Your local PTA, church, or Boy/Girl Scout troops would be a good start and tell them you have brochures that they can offer door to door, or at the shopping mall entrances. You can advertise in your local newspaper or penny-saver. They collect the money as they sell your candles and when they are finished, one master order is placed by the leader. Offer free shipping for a certain number of candles sold – a good incentive.


Candle fundraising typically is done on a pre sell basis. That means you send them free candle fundraiser brochures that are used to sell the candles. They collect the money as they pre sell and then place a bulk order for candles sold when the fundraiser is complete. They only need to purchase the candles actually sold. Offer 50% profit on all candles sold


Candles are so perfect. Once they finish collecting the money and their fundraiser is over, they call you with the order and you begin processing the shipping. You ship the candles to the Leader, and they deliver. The fact that they don’t have to put any money down is great for groups where funds are a concern; a win-win for both parties.



Esther Smith, author

Candle fundraising can be a great alternative to snack-based products. A lot of people feel uncomfortable with selling things like chocolates especially with so many diabetics today.


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