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Making Floating Candles

Creating Romance


Indoors or outdoors, floating candles provide a relaxed, hypnotic ambience and they sure set the scene for romance. Fire and water has always entranced the best of us and when put together it moves towards intoxicating.


Floating Candles



Making floating candles part of your décor for dinner guests can be done with a lit fireplace and floating candles on the coffee table in front of it. Or, if you are lucky enough to own a swimming pool -- viola!!!


Usually floating in a bowl or other type of container, they have a broader top surface than their rounded bottoms and that prevents them from tipping over and losing their flame. They come in a variety of colors and scents. Popular for wedding centerpieces, but will enhance any function you may be planning. They’re cheap to make and fun to design; want to try?

Generally the size of a votive candle and 2 to 3 inches in diameter; so we will make ours with rounded bottoms and plan on three, maybe 4 per bowl. For the table, floaters will be smaller, but if you want them for your pool, they can be wider. We will use a muffin or cupcake mold because these are wider at the top than the base. We’ll also need a roll of primed wick, a double boiler to melt the wax and we’re all ready.

  • In your double boiler, heat the wax

  • Your wax is ready when it gets to 180 degrees Farenheit

  • If making scented candles, add your oils now. Also for making colored candles, add dyes

  • Once the wax has a skin on top, push a piece of wick into the center, leaving about 1/4" out of the top

  • Let cool - when it is done just pop them out of the mold and you are done


There are many holders you can buy that will float your candles and the selection is as fancy or plain as you wish, colored or clear glass, even frosted. But if you want to go handmade all the way, we could look for some more advanced variations of the muffin pan mold, because for a little more money you can get unusual shaped floater- molds.


It’s basically the same procedure as for any votive candle, but the final candle is a floating flower, star, scallop-shape, or going with white wax, how about a snowflake floating candle?


If you are willing to purchase instead of making floating candles, I found shapes in orchids, roses, and hibiscus… per dozen under $10. Imagine your next celebration with some of these floaters; not only stunning but scenting the air as well. Get ready for compliments.


Esther B. Smith, author

Nothing finishes off a party-setting than fire and water; light the fire and float the candles in a lovely glass bowl.


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