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Making Candle Sconces

Gothic or Ornate

Making candle sconces has only a couple of rules to obey if you are at all safety conscience… use beeswax to avoid dripping on the floor, and/or use a candle that sits inside its own glass container --- then choose whatever your décor requires for the fixture. Wrought iron used to be the favorite, but today there is silver, brass, or the hurricane-type fixture.


Candle Wall SconceChoose your fixture first, so you know what type of candle to make; pillar, votive, tea light or your basic tapered one. In my search it seems that modern wall sconces protrude far enough from the wall so that there is little concern about a fire starting. Styles include gothic or ornate, even the Hemmingway style which has a cage in which the candle sits. 


In my Amazon searches I came up with plenty of choices, most were made of metal and are sold in pairs, but there are still some made of wood. Most prefer the metal over wood, but drip-less candles can certainly work with wooden sconces; obviously for indoor use only. Metal is more versatile and can be used indoors or out. In a black matte finish, its very simplicity makes it art.


An Old World look of antique sconces can add texture and depth to console tables when hung over them. Sleek in shape and long, or they can be flatter and broader. Always find a bracket that can support your choice.


Brass sconces are often used outdoors – the color adds a look of antiquity and sophistication that other metals really miss. Sure silver candle sconces are also beautiful, but brass is definitely the outdoorsy winner. Handmade sand molds make the best brass items so look for these before you count them out. A better quality is spun brass; a process by which it is made.


I have noticed that there is a lot of pewter, or polished nickel being used also. Whatever kind of sconces you choose to install in your home, check out the DIY videos now available online. You just might decide on making your own candle sconces – candle, holder, fixture and all.



Esther B Smith, author

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