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Candle Making Classes

A Hands-On Setting

There are those who prefer the hands-on type of learning in candle making classes; it’s more exciting and some believe it adds that extra visual presentation that you just don’t get from online classes or reading the ‘how to’ books. But I have to insist here, there are now online videos of say 20-30 minutes each that can teach you anything your heart desires; and candle making classes are no exception.


Who wouldn’t love to be able to create a candle that makes family and friends gush with wonder as to how you could possibly create a red, heart-shaped candle for Valentine’s Day, or a beautiful Christmas Angel? Shapes that draw ooohs and ahhhs, with probing requests of ‘can you teach me?’


Children and Candle Making



This of course, ensures that your home-based business selling candles will still be profitable for years to come. My clients love the Watermelon candle that looks (and smells) like the real thing. And the cheese candle with holes very much like Swiss cheese. Or, how to float some 4-leaf clovers in a translucent candle for St Patty’s Day.


Candle making is a desirable skill that people will pay to learn. They want to make candles for their own home or as thoughtful handmade gifts to sell. With some forethought and organization, teaching the craft of candle making can be easy. Here’s a brief outline of how it will go:


First you have to find a location for your class. Public areas like a community center, or a local craft store that carries candle making supplies might offer you a section of the store; even discounts on the supplies. Of course you can host the class in your own home at no-cost.


Decide who will provide the supplies; you or your students. If you are hosting this at a craft store, they may want you to encourage buying there. Depending on those answers, you must calculate a price for your class. Will it be a one-time tutor, or will you do a beginner’s, advanced, and/or professional class? Prices would vary.


Advertise your class; local paper, online at Craigslist, posters around town will all work well if you post them on telephone poles or in windows of local businesses (with permission).


Create a lesson plan to allow you to lead your class with ease and confidence. This doesn’t take any more than organizing your thoughts by putting them in writing – perhaps you might prefer to explain the process first and follow by leading the class through it step by step.


Candle making classes are just another way you can generate an income from this fascinating craft. Like quilting, gourmet recipes, or auto mechanic classes, people will pay to learn something that can give them an income and work for themselves. Entrepreneurship is high on everyone’s list.


Esther B. Smith, author

If you are an experienced Candler, why not offer classes and get paid to do so – it’s amazing how many people would rather learn from the real deal than to read and try to analyze what someone is explaining in words.


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