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Candle Making Jars

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The most popular appeal to candle making as a business is – there is no wrong or right way as long as the end result is a safe burning candle. I have gone to many sites that sell “cheap jars”, “assorted jars”, “glass jars”, “plastic jars” – you name it and you can find it on the Internet. Many of these jar sales could certainly be used for potpourri as well; so you know by that they have plenty that are really unique and appealing.



Jars for Candle Making



But hold on here: “Well thank goodness…” one mother wrote me, “I have dozens and dozens of baby food jars leftover from my son’s months of strained food. Perfect candle making jars!”


I also remember those days, but my husband grabbed the empty jars as fast as I cleaned them for his tool-bench (to hold assortments of nails and screws). But now dear entrepreneur, you can secure the wicks like any other container candle and just melt, fragrance and pour your wax likewise, using old baby food jars.


Pretty simple! Use these anywhere you would use a small votive candle. On your deck, window sills, or sell them as a business. I have not found too many readers who have long success stories when it comes to re-using these jars. It seems to make them more prone to cracking – which can be very unsafe. The lesson learned is to always use new jars and if you run out, talk to your friends who have infants. I’m sure they’ll be glad to trade them all in for a couple of lavender candles… known to calm their most hectic world.


But don’t stop with baby food jars. Frequent those tag sales – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen lovely goblets, dessert dishes, sundae or parfait crystal that apparently is the last few of a set. Some people just don’t know what to do with “broken sets” – how do you serve dessert when you only have three of this and one of that?


True, these super-finds will have to be tested when pouring hot wax into them; some may not make the grade and you will occasionally have a failure, but the waste will be a cheap price for the many successes. If in doubt, set the lovely jar inside a tray or container that will catch your mistake; no damage done. And… always bargain these “broken sets” -- most times they’ll take anything.


Now get busy and prep yourself for compliments.


Esther Smith, author

Safer than a candle in a standing holder, jar candles are Smith’s favorite in the corners of her tub-bath. Lavender indeed; very calming.


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