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Candle Making for Beginners

This one is for the Kids

They have all exhausted us with potholders, paintings of hand-prints, and pasta jewelry. I have a project little kids will love; candle making for beginners… and here’s the good news: any mistake can be re-worked until they are happy with their result. I promise all kids will love this project.


Kids Making Candle



These candles will not need any melting of wax because we will use some help from our honeybees. Making beeswax candles is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce your child or children to candle making. All you need is a sheet of beeswax and a wick. No heat is required. Beeswax sheets are inexpensive and sold in a variety of colors and have a pleasant, natural scent. So let’s begin:


Unroll and lay a piece of beeswax sheet on a clean work surface. Lay a piece of wick on the edge of the beeswax directly in front of you. At least a half-inch of the piece of wick should extend past each side of the piece of beeswax sheet.


Slowly and carefully start to roll the edge of the beeswax closest to you over the wick and press firmly. Tuck the edge of the beeswax in around the wick. You want to seal it in so that when you continue rolling your candle it will roll up neatly and evenly.


Roll up your candle slowly with your fingers pushing the beeswax with both hands exerting even pressure at the same time. While you are rolling, keep an eye on your edges to make sure you are rolling straight. You want to roll a nice straight, tight candle so it will look nice and burn smoothly.


Okay… continue rolling at the same pace until you are about two inches from the end – now slow down. Check the edges – are they still straight? If not, you can unroll back a bit and re-roll tighter and firmer. And when we finish the rolling, we need to seal the edge of the roll so it won’t come undone.


Once again, you can use your body heat to warm up the wax so you can do this. Starting in the middle of the roll of beeswax, press your fingers gently along the seam of the beeswax roll. You only need to do this lightly and briefly because the heat from your fingers will help seal the seam. Be careful not to push down too hard or you will crush your candle. Continue this until the entire edge is molded to the body of the candle.


Trim your wick at one end of the beeswax candle so it is flush with the base of the candle. Trim the wick at the other end of the candle to about ¼” long.


Now – look at these kids faces… did you ever see such a joyful expression? These first candles make wonderful gifts for mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. A beginner’s candle that promises to make them yearn for their next lesson.



Esther B Smith, author

Children’s projects are so rewarding when carried off in simple to understand directions. The secret is – going slow enough for all to keep up.


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