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Candle Making Fragrances

The Appeal is Undeniable

Making your candle-throw, or the act of casting its fragrance over a wide area, is the primary objective of candle making fragrances. So let’s take that apart and define it better for you, because the appeal of a scented candle is undeniable.


Scented CandlesWith universal cheers, scented candles can bring back memories of a recent vacation, or mimic the scent of your favorite food. Seasonal scents such as candy corn or Christmas cookies can be used as part of your holiday décor. Even aromatherapy candles have their uses too – to calm frazzled nerves during a hot bath, boost energy levels, set the tone for a romantic evening, or promote a more restful sleep.


All of these reasons are why Candlers use fragrances when making their candles but it is important to remember some tips when working with fragrances:


Save yourself some disappointment with your final product and buy high quality fragrances. Understand the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils. Both, of course can be used to make candles but they are not interchangeable. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy purposes and contain natural plant extracts. Fragrance oils are commercially prepared products that have no therapeutic purpose.


Use the old adage you can always add more but it’s difficult to take some out – you’ve heard this from mom in the kitchen learning her recipes. Its goes double for using fragrances in candle making. Begin by adding a few drops of scent to your wax mixture; an overly scented candle will never sell. Rule of thumb might be four ounces of fragrance to ten pounds of wax.


I buy my fragrances from Michaels Crafts or Hobby Lobby – but there are many sources online. Scent It has over 400 fragrances for candle making. You can even buy almond biscotti, French vanilla, honeysuckle, or how about magnolia?


Is your home on the market for sale? How about candles scented with fresh baked muffins? Plants have been used down through the ages for centuries for similar purposes. Drops of Eucalyptus oil used to open congested nasal passages, lemon oil is known for lowering stress levels as well as an anti-depressant.


Citronella oil aids in repelling insects while oils of Lavender, calms, relaxes and is said to sooth the savage beast (or was that a movie?). Never mind, you see how choosing your candle making fragrance is not just about scents but is used for practical and medicinal purposes too.


There are good and bad fragrance oils -- some can be harmful to a small number of people causing eye irritation or rashes; avoid buying for the price and buy from a reputable dealer.


Esther Smith, author

If this is your business venture, we hope we have clarified some doubts on the scented candles – because hardly any candle today is sold un-scented.


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