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Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

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The wholesale buyer, one can assume, wants to start their own home business making candles. Your success will be largely based on the cost factor. If you can buy your supplies wholesale and still maintain a quality finished product, you can advertise that all your candles are “eco-friendly”, a big advantage in today’s green-brain-thinking. You want to build trusted, repeat customers.


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We therefore must look for supplies that create impressive supplies for long-lasting scented candles, unique gifts and specialty items that you are proud to sell. You get from a candle what goes into it – therefore, let’s look for wholesalers offering top-notch ingredients for your candles.


Many wholesalers want to be your online candle supply super store; and why not?  A few are backed by a ‘money-back’ guarantee; look for that promise. Also look for the discounts when ordering in bulk. And, some will notify you first -- when they are about to have closeout on one item or another. They do this through their Newsletter… join it!


It is also vital that they have a “contact” number for questions. Think up a question and use that button… see how long it takes them to contact you and if the response was what you were looking for. As an entrepreneur you want them to recognize you as a potential preferred customer.


Buying in large quantities assures you will have enough wax, wicks, molds and fragrances to make several hundred candles, instead of just a few. Also, there are usual discounts for buying candle making supplies in larger quantities, making for a better value than buying smaller amounts. Your bottom line price depends on this.


Home candle making is a popular creative business, so there is a large demand for the wholesaler to offers the best deal… remember that. Many people who make candles as a hobby fail to realize the potential of this market as a way to make serious money.


With sound planning, you will begin to make money selling candles in a relatively short time. Selling candles is a proven money-making opportunity and as a business it is becoming more popular by the day because of the advantages of wholesale candle making suppliers… and of course your very rare creativity.


Esther B. Smith, author

As you begin to establish a candle making business, you success is going to depend on your being able to keep costs down.


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