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Scented Candles Add Elegance

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The candlelight from any candle gives a room that romantic feeling, but scented candles add elegance that’s hard to beat. Using fragrant oil that is available at most crafts stores or online, it is merely added to the wax before pouring.


It is better to use oil rather that a water-based or alcohol-based perfume in wax mainly because the wax itself is oil based. So, by using water-based perfumes, the liquid would simply float to the bottom of your melted wax; oil and water don’t mix.


Scented CandlesAmazingly to some, scented candles that have fragrance added, is noticed even when the candle is not lit. Probably why they make such wonderful gifts and are appreciated even more when they are handmade. The process of making scented candles is the same as making regular candles – you will need to consider which kind of wax you are going to use; paraffin, soy, palm or beeswax.


All types of wax can be used to make scented candles but with gel candles take careful consideration of how much fragrance you are planning to use before you choose your wax. Gel waxes with a lesser density cannot hold as much fragrance as gel waxes with a higher density.


Using a double boiler or a pot specifically designed for wax melting, and when using your stovetop, be careful not to put the temperature too high because wax can burn. You should use a thermometer and heat the wax to be around 170-180 degrees. Add the wick to the mold while your wax is melting.


After the wax is melted you can remove it from the heat source. Now is the time to add the fragrant oil. Add one ounce of fragrant oil to one pound of wax. This will give you a 6% fragrance concentration. Make sure that you do not add too much.


It may seem like more is better, but not in this case. There are problems that can arise using too much fragrance. The candle will not burn properly because of the higher concentration of liquid, and you might end up with pools of liquid in your candle.


Using things like scents and colors give more variety to your candle-making. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to give a loved one a gift of a candle with the essence of their favorite flower; Roses, Lilac, Gardena? Or for that special guy how about essence of relaxation and calming scent? Yes, they do sell that. Gifts of this sort are more appreciated when they are handmade.


Esther Smith, author

Candles have come a long way since colonial days, and scented candles now are almost the norm.


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