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Candle Making for Profit

Start with the Basics

Keep in mind as you establish candle making for profit that your success is going to depend on you being able to make candles that your prospective buyers will like. Of course, the creativity will have to come from you, but bottom line is still all about your customers’ whims.


 Next we must consider where and how to sell your candles. There is the ‘consignment’ avenue, with small shop owners who could promote and sell your products… certainly a brilliant idea. Or, how about selling your candles to people who make gift baskets, specialty restaurants, party planners, or wedding planners? Weekend flea markets will give you a break from the worktable, and I have priced some at $10, unless you’re looking for an indoor spot.


Making candles as a business



Home parties have been a grand success to Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware products… maybe gift candles could work there also. Offer the host her choice of X amount of dollars worth of candles for giving the party. That way it costs you a minimum amount of your profits.


Online sales will involve a domain name, hosting site, web design, advertising, payment options as well as shipping and handling arrangements. This may not be viable on a fixed budget to begin a new business. Most online sales companies begin small and grow to something larger by demand. I would not recommend the brick-n-mortar path to start.


Candle making as a business opportunity is quite affordable and cost-efficient compared to most other home-based choices. The basic materials needed for making candles such as wax, wicks, scents and dyes can be purchased by competitive wholesalers online.


While the vast array of molds and/or containers could be your highest cost, do some recreational day trips to flee markets and garage sales… you’d be surprised how many odds ‘n ends are sold on these tables for pennies. An attractive label with proper information on them is also a given. I would bet there is software that can design and print these; check that out.


The only thing left is the shipping if considering indirect selling. As an entrepreneur, I would find someone who wants to make a few bucks moonlighting. He or she would have to agree to promptness (vital to your customer base). Supply them with the orders, and they do the packing and mailing for a price to be negotiated.


Your total outlay should be somewhere in the $200 to$500 to set this all in motion. Considering the high income potential of the candle making business, it should allow you to quickly cover your investment and start planning the growth of your new business. Your aim is to set yourself apart from your competition.



Esther B. Smith

Of all the home based businesses I have written about, candle making is the most profitable for the least amount of money.


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