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Add a touch of magic to your dining room table next time you have guests, by lighting a few oil candles made of liquid paraffin oil instead of solid wax. The most common oil candle making uses glass jars or bottles, but certainly not exclusively. The candle wick is suspended in a glass tube or eyelet if you will, and placed into the oil-filled bottle. Many contain interesting decorative items like shells or dried flowers.

Gel CandleAn oil lamp is basically a candle without the wax. There is still a wick and the flame is still hot (lol). I have seen some of the most beautiful, hand-blown glass oil candle holders. These hold aromatherapy oils as well as scented and tinted oils for any function you may be planning. 

And just what is a massage oil candle? Well --- let me tell you; just light the candle and burn it for 15 or more minutes to enjoy the wonderful scent. Then…… extinguish the flame and use it as warm massage oil. One of the benefits of this is that the warm oily wax soothes dry skin.  The all-natural vegetable and soy waxes are vastly saturated with vitamin E.  Some call this “Oil of Happiness” and I want some now.


Moon Rise is a distributor that I took a liking to on the Internet; they sell fine hand-blown glass oil candles that are a delight to look at. Combining fine art with good function, they bring the age-old magic of candlelight into imaginative homes the world over, according to their write-up. They have on the premises skilled artisans located in the United States. Their grand opening this month welcomes you to browse and purchase at your leisure.


Learn to make these beautiful glass oil candles for yourself; it’s not that hard. If you can’t find the time then check out some of these wonderful options on the Internet; you can’t beat clean and odorless.



Esther Smith, author

Candle making is a vast subject and becoming more and more the choice for home-business seekers. Never turn down free knowledge – you never know when you’ll need it.


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